New Look Haul: Part 2 / Summer Style Ideas for the Work Place

Hey Sweeties,

For those that saw Tuesday’s post (here), you’re now eager to see the haul in better detail, right? Right.

In winter, we tackle the cold weather by layering and for fashion bunnies, this is actually a really fun and easy way to create new looks and for the most part, is quite effortless. In summer, we wear less which means the pieces we wear need to work harder on their own and although for the most part summer attire looks effortless, it is often far from it but where accessories really come into play.

My new workplace operates a business-casual rule Monday – Thursday and on Fridays, it’s casual. Much like my previous workplace (where it was actually far more corporate), I loved finding looks that injected a bit of colour and fun into an outfit and this hasn’t changed. Also, since lopping my long locks off (here), I have been loving my new look and I have been eagerly anticipating the summer to work a new, fresher style.

So with that all in mind, here is how I might be wearing the selection of new pieces I bought recently.

A black t-shirt is a black t-shirt but it is such a wardrobe staple and can pretty much be worn with anything. That being said, there is such a thing as too much black & in the summer this should be avoided where possible. This outfit would be perfect for casual Friday.

New Look Haul

I love this cotton checked dress and it demonstrates beautifully how something as simple as a belt can alter its appearance.

New Look Haul

New Look Haul

I also love how it partners up with a black jumper!

Similar to a black t-shirt, a black dress is also a great work staple and I love this style. I do often prefer something more fitted but when it’s hot, something more loosely fitting is favourable. Its best feature is its versatility with accessories!

New Look Haul

New Look Haul

New Look Haul

Sometimes even a bold lip can be the statement accessory

Sometimes though, you get items that need nothing more added to them except a pair of strappy heeled sandals like this AX Paris dress.

AX Paris Dress

What is your perfect summer style and like me, have you recently done something different with your hair? If you’re not feeling quite as brave as me as to chop off your long locks, how about a new colour? I haven’t dyed my hair for years but I am feeling that it could do with a bit more definition and a flash of darker tones. Or, I am thinking a lovely deep copper colour might be really nice… what do you think? I have┬ácome across a hair care company called Madison Reed who have created an at home hair dye, which for me, removes the expense and hassle of having to go to a salon to have my hair coloured. I love that they also suggest some colours for you by asking some simple questions about your hair type.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any topics and ideas you would like me to cover on here in the future, I am always open to suggestions ­čÖé

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