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Hey Sweeties,

At this current moment in time, I don’t get through or try out enough products and things to make having a monthly favourites post worth it, so I figured a ‘favourites’ post every once in a while would however be the way forward so here goes. This is what I have been loving lately, some of which you will already have seen feature in previous posts.

So first up are the Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balms. I adore these!

Rimmel Colour Rush Balms

Rimmel Colour Rush Swatches

I discovered these initially when I was up in London and arrived at Paddington realising I hadn’t bought any water with me. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but in efforts to drink more (as I really do not drink enough during the day) I felt I needed to grab a bottle somewhere. Conveniently there is a Boots on the station forecourt and with a few minutes to spare I nipped in (to grab some water) but as you do, I browsed the shelves before I went to the check out. This particular Boots really is small and for make-up the choice is limited but as I scanned the Rimmel stand these caught my eye & figured I would give them a go. That day I picked up ‘Give Me A Cuddle‘ and ‘Boom Chic A Boom‘, I later added ‘Keep on Mauving‘ on a separate shopping trip (how cool are those names?!).

Why they are so great? They are not sticky like a lip gloss, they are less matte and heavy like lipstick and they are more than your basic lip balm both in texture, in colour application and in staying power. The crayon like tip makes application swift, simple and perfect for on the go. These really can’t be faulted. They hydrate your lips nicely and even once they have absorbed in further, they don’t leave you reaching for another balm. There is also a great selection of colours in the range allowing for these to be an everyday product that can be colour matched to outfits and moods. A real winner in my books!

Bourjois Dark Khol Mascara

Bourjois Dark Khol Mascara

Before my current willingness to experiment with foundations, I found it increasingly difficult to find a mascara that worked for me enough to buy time and time again. For a while I settled with Maybelline’s ‘The Falsies Volum’ Express’ in Black Drama and I will always have a stock of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara but I can’t afford to use this everyday. However, when I took out a subscription with the now unfortunately late Company magazine, I received a gift set containing some Bourjois products. I have actually already mentioned this mascara in a past beauty favourites post, so I do apologise for sounding like a broken record but I really am still just totally loving this mascara! I like dark thick lashes without looking clumpy and this does the job, what more can I say?

If I hadn’t posted about them so recently I would also be adding here Topshop Lipsticks, mainly Wicked and Depth from the four I purchased. I am quite surprised how good they are to be honest, they last a long time and the pigment is fantastic. On my lips they are just this brilliant bold colour that really stands out and lifts any outfit. My challenge is to see if I can get away with Depth in the office… watch this space!

Moving away from beauty products…


London Grammar –If You Wait

Oh my goodness, these guys have become my new favourite band, I am obsessed! I have heard their stuff before on the radio but never been able to catch who they are but the other day while perusing YouTube, the current Dior J’adore advert came on (which I equally love) with a remix of what I now know to be London Grammar’s Hey Now. I Shazamed it straight away and their album swiftly purchased, I mean we’re talking within minutes here, people! The whole album is always on repeat but particularly tunes, Hey Now, Strong and Metal & Dust I just can’t get enough of. If you take nothing else away from this post I do honestly strongly urge you to check these guys out if you haven’t already. The lead singer, Hannah, her voice has this amazingly deep haunting but breathtakingly beautiful texture to it which just never leave my ears. Who says Britain hasn’t got talent?


Map My Run

Map My Run App

I love this app. I probably don’t use it to it’s full capacity but being able to track my route and distance on runs and walks is brilliant and incredibly useful. I found when I was training for the Water Wipeout challenge particularly, being able to monitor my progress was a real boost and I think it also helped sponsorship as being able to share on Twitter but more so on Facebook my progress allowed people to see that I was taking the challenge seriously.


Boots App

This is my most recent download and it is so useful. As you guys know, I am always in Boots and it really is my happy place but I never make use of the offers unless they are right slap bang in my face on the individual stands and shelves I am perusing. This app allows me to check my Advantage Card balance and offers currently running -both general to the store and those more tailored to me so I can gain those extra points on products I may already be in there purchasing. If you are a Boots lover then I really do suggest you get this downloaded pronto!

Righty, I think I have gone on long enough to give you a good idea of my current favourites, more I have no doubt will be added to this list and I will post again shortly. But in the meantime, let me know what products and things you are loving right now and maybe they would be something I would like to! So please, do share!

Until next time x


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