A Little Auto Love ‘N Care – Some Easy Car Maintenance Checks

Hey Sweeties,

Sometimes accidents, breaking down and bigger than desired garage bills are just all part of driving and car ownership, but there are some easy steps that can be taken to help prevent issues.

Fife Autocentre* has created a new campaign called “A little Auto love ‘n care” to encourage the sharing of some basic car maintenance tips to avoid car breakdowns and troubles, but also to just ensure your car is always properly maintained. So easy it is to jump in the car and get on the road somewhere, without thinking ahead about a few things first.

A Little Auto Love ‘N Care

If you are in tune with your car, you can identify quickly when something does not sound, feel or look right, but do not let the garage identify other basic things you could have done yourself with these routine checks –

1. Tyres

From the day I got my driving licence, my Dad has drilled into me the importance of checking my tyres. Tyre pressure should be checked monthly (unless you drive hundreds of miles a week, then definitely check more regularly), which you can do at your nearest petrol station. Your car manual should tell you the right pressure your tyres should be. Additionally, you need to check the tred –this can be trickier but if your tyre looks like it is beginning to get worn, your local garage will be able to advise if they need replacing. Just remember that in an accident, even if it was the other person’s fault, if the police find fault with your tyres the situation could be turned around on you instead!

Car maintenance

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