What’s Inside my Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar | Blogmas Day 23

Hey Sweeties,

For today’s post I thought it apt to review the Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar that I treated myself to when it went on sale towards the end of November.

I don’t know about you, but this year it really does seem we’re all (and I do literally mean everybody) a bit obsessed by advent calendars, even my husband picked up on it just based on his Facebook feed. I also thought I was going to have to settle for just a simple chocolate one this year as I just wasn’t on it enough to get any of the beauty advent calendars that sold out before they even went on sale. I also draw the line at things like that which the hype out does the thing itself; I mean, beauty advent calendars are nice, but they’re not the be all and end all are they? Unless it’s something super super worth having that has only a limited availability (like the Glossy Box collaboration with NARS released last November –here– then totally understandable).

However, that all being said, when I learnt that I hadn’t missed out on getting the Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar, I did feel it was worth it based on its cost (£35 when purchased with £35 worth of M&S shopping) and the value of the gifts inside (£250).

Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar


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Sunday Chat: Sweetie is doing Blogmas!


Hey Sweeties,

Yes you heard right, I am going to be participating in this year’s Blogmas; I must be mad!

For those that have no idea what Blogmas is, essentially it means I will be uploading a new post every day between now and Christmas. I will be aiming to keep to my routine Beauty Review Tuesdays and Sunday Chat posts but also will be throwing other things into the mix as well here and there. During the week I work full time and although I enjoy my place of work, nothing happens on a regular enough basis for me to spend Blogmas telling you about my day, but the weekends should be more interesting. This is where being a Youtuber would be fun I guess and I don’t know about you but I am excited for my favourite channels to kick off their month of Vlogmas uploads!

I will apologise now though, I have no doubt there will be the odd day where content is thin but where possible I have made every effort to provide something fresh and interesting everyday and a lot of prep work has gone into this little project to ensure it will have been worth while doing when we look back at the end of it. For the most part, I have created a schedule of posts so there is only a small proportion of days where I will have to think of something on the day itself… but I am up for the challenge!


I couldn’t be more excited for Christmas this year. Since leaving the family nest 7 years ago I haven’t had the opportunity to put up a tree where I have been living at the time but I have been able to put up the odd decoration around the place but this year -the first in our new house together- Ian and I (or rather me) are going all out for Crimbo! Yesterday I bought our first tree (FYI artificial as I can’t be dealing with loose needles and I have to be careful with our bunny Lola) and some decorations ready to put up and decorate tomorrow. I want a full month of Christmas this year!

At the moment Christmas day itself is a little undecided as for the past two years we have gone to Ian’s parents whereas this year I really want to wake up in my own house, so we have invited them up to ours instead but as yet, no firm decisions. I also have to work out when I am able to travel home (to Devon) and visit my parents (why do we all live so far away!). Also our oven is crap so I worry how I will pull off Christmas dinner should we end up hosting the day but I am sure we’ll manage somehow!

Anyway, so I guess I’ll be seeing you guys tomorrow for day 1 of 24… Blogmas, let’s do this!

Until then x

P.S. If this is your first time visiting my site, how about giving me a follow and joining me throughout Blogmas?!