Nature’s Free Fruit – Four Reasons Why I Love Blackberries

Hey Sweeties,

We have been so fortunate this year in the UK, particularly in the south-east (I can’t speak for everywhere else) that we have enjoyed a super early, super bumper crop of blackberries. As spring turns into summer, I start noticing the hedges of bramble bushes begin to flower and then form into reddy-pink fruit; as soon as the blackberries ripen you can be sure I’m clearing space in my freezer, grabbing tubs and heading on out to strip all the local bushes. What’s even better this year, is that I managed to grow my own blackberry bush in my garden and train it up the back fence, and it has been such a pleasure watching blackberries form and ripen, before picking.

4 Reasons why I love Blackberries

 Picking blackberries

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