The Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party at the Tropical Library, London

Hey Sweeties,

On Saturday I attended the Blogosphere Valentines Tea Party hosted by Blogosphere magazine. A few weeks ago I randomly caught the tweet announcing the event and I jumped at the opportunity to purchase a ticket (for £15 which I thought was perfectly reasonable), and secure the date in my calendar.

It was also exciting following the #BlogosphereValentines tag on Twitter leading up to the event and connecting with fellow bloggers who were going; a great tip if you’re going to events alone like I do!

The Venue

The Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party was held at the Tropical Library in Lumiere London (SE1), a short walk from Southwark underground station. The building looked like any other on the street, but upon entering you walk up two flights of stairs before reaching the second floor where the party was being held.

I was warmly welcomed on arrival and I was glad of a coat rail as that would’ve seriously restricted my being had I had to have my coat and scarf over my arm all afternoon.

Blogosphere Valentines tea party

I was glad I arrived slightly before the 1pm kick off as it enabled me to see the room before it got filled with people, and it was a really pretty and inviting space.

Blogosphere Valentines tea party

Living Room goals!!

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