Four Ways I am Learning to Adopt a Zero Fucks Attitude

Hey Sweeties,

Granted I have only been 30-years-old for not quite two weeks, but already I have noticed some changes in me. A significant shift is my willingness to adopt a zero fucks (excuse my explicit French) attitude about certain situations and people; only last week was it highlighted how I do not need excess shit in my life and it’s important that I learn to free myself from it.

What my Twenties Taught Me

I recently shared a post all about the life lessons of my twenties (here), but it’s something about getting through this decade that has taken me out of that period of time where I spent far too many hours concerning myself with what others think; life going forward is definitely about aiming to live more stress-free and finding a new personal confidence and inner peace. This is not to say that I won’t continue to get stressed, part of having stress is a sign that you care about whatever it is causing you aggro, and I am definitely a stress-head! I spent my twenties working my arse off trying to excel myself; getting through university, getting my marketing career progressed, learning who I am, trying to make more friends than enemies, pleasing others before myself… no wonder I am feeling tired right now!

Here are four ways I am going to learn to adopt a zero fucks attitude –

Zero fucks attitude

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