My Favourite Shoes

Hey Sweeties,

For the month of July, I thought I would create a new blog series covering my favourite things. Publishing each Thursday, I will take you through some favourites of mine that aren’t beauty, and not necessarily material. Today we kick off with my favourite pairs of shoes and it was writing about Carrie Bradshaw on Sunday (here), that inspired the topic for this first post.

Dorothy Perkins

I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I purchased these heeled boots a few years ago & they won’t have cost me more than about £25, so a total bargain! Recently you have heard me bang on about my fashion scrapbooks (here), and how much they have helped inspire purchases that ultimately refine my style; this is a classic example (as below too). I saw a picture of Taylor Momsen during the heights of her Gossip Girl days wearing a pair of heeled boots in a similar style & I desperately wanted a pair to match. It took another year or two of being patient but eventually these came into my life.

Dorothy Perkins Heeled Boots

Because they are platform heels, they are incredibly comfortable to wear and the rubber sole means they have good grip so are fine for day or night. What I love most is the edge the tie-up laces create.  View Full Post