Getting back your sass -How to get back to you after a negative experience

Hey Sweeties,

As some of you will be aware, 2018 hasn’t started so great for me… well, it depends how you look at it I guess. On 2nd January I resigned from a job (without a plan B unfortunately) that over the course of about two months completely crushed my confidence and turned me into an anxious and stressed wreck. So from one perspective I made a great decision (to leave), but this has still ultimately led to me currently without permanent employment. However, more on that another time.

So how do you get back your sass and get back to feeling like you again following a set back? Or maybe your Mum/sister/gran/aunt or best friend needs a boost to help lift their spirits a little? Sometimes it can be as simple as a sweet scented treat like Gift Sets for Her* to bring back a smile, or you need some of these ideas –

Getting back your Sass!

Getting back your sass

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