Spring/Summer Beauty and Skincare Superdrug Haul

Hey Sweeties,

I haven’t done a beauty/skincare haul in forever, I’ve run out of things, sure, but those items haven’t really been repurchased in bulk…. until now. I’d run out of serum, concealer, micellar water, my favourite Stila mascara had dried up, so it was time to get my act together and hit up Superdrug. Usually I would go to Boots, but Superdrug had a couple of offers on that made it more worthwhile to do a little bit of a haul there for a change. So here is what I got… some repurchases and a couple of new treats… and something for my husband (the razors FYI).

My Spring/Summer Beauty & Skincare Superdrug haul-

Superdrug Haul

Garnier Micellar Water

A staple in my evening skincare routine, I use it to remove eye makeup before using the Soap & Glory Peaches n’ Clean 3-in-1 Purifying Cleanser or The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter, to remove the rest of my makeup. I’ve reviewed this product here previously.

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion

Confession: I have NEVER used fake tan, had a spray tan, or used a sun bed. Why? Because I don’t have a problem being a little pale sometimes and to be honest, when the sun is out it doesn’t take me too long to catch some colour. However, following a gloomy winter and not getting a chance to catch any pre-honeymoon sunshine, I fancied giving this gradual tan moisturiser a go.

As first impressions go, it has scored incredibly highly -it smells lovely, easy to apply, absorbs/dries quickly and results can be seen quickly. So far, I would definitely recommend it to others.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, Intense Black

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, my favourite mascara to date is the Huge Extreme Lash mascara from Stila (review here) which if you like big thick lashes, you must check it out. However, it is £18 (prices may vary) and sometimes I just can’t spend that on a mascara and this is one of those times. In these situations, I return to the high street’s best mascara -the Maybelline Lash Sensational and I like it in ‘intense black’. Does anyone hate this mascara? I don’t think so.

Superdrug Haul

Superdrug Haul

Oral-B Precision Clean Heads

I purchased an electric toothbrush a couple of years ago but for whatever reason, it until recently remained untouched in its box. I was about to look into selling it on but decided to use it instead and oh my word, why didn’t I use it sooner?! As an ex-dental nurse, I know first-hand that a simple manual toothbrush works perfectly fine, but an electric toothbrush achieves a deeper, stronger clean and arguably can enable better oral health. I purchased some replacement heads so that my husband can use the brush too, and that we have some spare for the cupboard.

Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream

My 30th birthday is now on the horizon and with that I know that my skincare needs to be upped to ensure my skin is looked after and get what it needs. One of those steps I recognise I should look into introducing into my routine is an eye cream. I thought I would give this very affordable product a go and so far, so good.

Simply Pure Hydrating Serum

I love serums and I really hate being without one in my skincare routine. I have tried a few so far over the last couple of years and this one I heard beauty journalist, Sali Hughes recommend. It’s an incredibly affordable product (less than £3, I’m not lying!) so I thought I would give it a go myself. So far, it just proves that you don’t need to always spend a lot to get/find good quality skincare.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

I am sure I have spoken about this product before on here in previous beauty hauls and posts. This is a great concealer and one I just always have in my drawer available to use. I have also recently been using the Bourjouis Radiance Reveal concealer which I will also repurchase when I run out.


What are your must have skincare and beauty products? And do you prefer Boots or Superdrug?

Until next time x


Spring Haul feat. Miss Guided; Boo Hoo; Very; Miss Pap; American Eagle & Miss Selfridge

Hey Sweeties,

I feel like I haven’t done a haul post in FOREVER… that’s not to say I haven’t been haulin’ though, it means I just haven’t had the time/weather/patience/opportunity etc. to shoot everything. Normally, when I’ve fashion hauled I either photograph it on which involves standing in the garden with my camera on a tripod and the self-timer; or occasionally I have made use of the washing line (for example here). Today, I have tried something new… the fashion flat lay!

My spring haul has been building since January when I picked up a couple of bits in the sales, and then gradually over the past couple of months I have been adding to it. At the end of April I am off on honeymoon to America (so freakin’ excited!) for a couple of weeks, so I am also beginning to look at my current wardrobe and identify any gaps for warmer weather attire that I might need for my trip. So without further ado, here are some of my recent purchases –

Spring Haul

Spring Haul

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Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen Review

Hey Sweeties,

I feel like I haven’t bought any new makeup in ages and part of this is because while I love building a decent collection of makeup, I am definitely in a phase (which applies to other areas of my life) whereby I just don’t want to spend money unless I really need to. Of course I still spend money but I really do think about that purchase and if I really need it in my life. I’ve got a post on this coming soon whereby I talk through this more, but I did purchase a couple of new beauty bits recently and the first I am going to talk to you about is the Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen. 

The Packaging

Beginning with the packaging, the Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen is really pleasing to the eye; the eyeliner pen itself comes in the cardboard tube packaging which has classic Soap & Glory branding on the sides.

Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen

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Summer Haul featuring New Look, ASOS & Mango | August Blogs

Hey Sweeties,

To kick off this month of blogging every day -which aside from being in celebration of my soon-to-be-birthday, is for no other reason than because I want to; call me crazy but I just cannot wait until Blogmas in December!- I thought we’d begin with a summer haul.

Even though much of my summer wardrobe is simply revived pieces from the year(s) previous, I do still feel the need to update and introduce some new clothing and accessories into the regular mix of items. And let’s be honest, there’s always room for a bit more when a shopping urge takes over!

I have made the following purchases across the last month or two, and a couple of the items you have already seen in recent posts on here and/or Instagram. But I thought you would still be interested in seeing a collective summer haul of everything I have recently purchased.

Summer Haul

Let’s begin with ASOS –

Girls on Film blouse in tropical print with lace trim – I wore this to the recent Bloggers Hangout Summer event (here) because it seemed to fit the ‘summer garden chic’ outfit brief perfectly. It rests about hip height which is a tad too short for me because I don’t like exposing my midriff, so I wear a long vest top underneath which adds that additional cover I need. This blouse is a total summertime hit, see it in more detail here!

Summer Haul -girls on film blouse

Only Aztec print shirt – I love pattern, particularly in the workplace as it’s an easy way to add a level of interest to an otherwise fairly plain look. This shirt caught my eye as a piece that will do well throughout the year. I have a category dedicated to dressing for work if you want to see more content around work wear (a sneaky FYI!), which you can access under ‘fashion’ on the main navigation bar above. I’ll style this piece up for you soon!

Summer haul

ASOS Swing cardigan with suede look star elbow patches – I seem to never have enough cardigans, (or jumpers for that matter) but I seem to really struggle in spending a lot for them. When I saw this one in the sale, it was exactly the style I like and I love the star patches on the elbows; I have no doubt this will be worn for years to come.

Summer haul

ASOS Seersucker button through beach dress – You’ll remember I wore this dress to the British Grand Prix recently (here) and aside from being an incredibly light, maybe-not-British-weather-practical fabric (hence it being a ‘beach dress’), I love it! It can be worn on its own, over the top of leggings, with cardigans, jumpers…

Summer haul -seersucker beach dress


New Look

Cream cotton dungaree pinafore dress – This was a bit of a scary purchase and I half expected that I would end up taking it back because I doubted if the look would be a bit young for me, or whether I could simply pull it off. As it happened, it’s turned into a really fun piece, particularly because I don’t buy into a lot of the core fashion trends. Dungarees definitely don’t suit everybody and this is why I’ve gone for a dress over shorts or trousers. I have no doubt I’ll continue to wear them throughout the coming months.

Summer Haul -pinafore dungarees

White animal print bomber jacket – For the same reason I purchased my other patterned bomber jacket earlier in the year (see that post here), is the same reason why I purchased this one… and also to reiterate my point about how much I love patterned pieces! I have a post coming really soon about my love for animal print clothing and accessories.

Summer Haul -animal print bomber jacket


Animal print long sleeved blouse – Need I explain why I purchased this blouse? I don’t think so! It’ll feature in the not-too-distant future in a work outfit post so watch this space to see how I’ll style it for the workplace.

Summer haul -animal print blouse

Necklace – My jewellery collection needs a huge update, particularly for statement pieces so adding this piece to my haul was a no brainer; I love the pop of yellow with the gold.

Summer haul -mango necklace

Zebra print leather bag – Because Zebra! An updated what’s in my bag post will be coming later this week so you can see it in more detail.

Summer haul -mango zebra print bag


What are your favourite things about summer?

Until next time x



Lush Haul

Hey Sweeties,

When it comes to Lush, I think people fall into two camps -either you pop in regularly, or you resist for as long as possible until you really need to go in because your stocks have run dry. You then pop in thinking you’ll pick up maybe two things, a simple in and out session, you refuse the offer of a basket. But you get distracted, you accept the offer of a basket and before you know it you have it moderately filled and are £20 poorer. This is me.

Lush Haul

Except for one of the (four) items, I purchased three never before purchased items from Lush; one because I liked the colour, and two out of intrigue. Can you guess?

Lush Haul

Lush Haul -The Comforter

If you’re a fairly regular reader of this blog, you’ll know from a previous Lush haul that I love The Comforter; it’s the perfect combination of providing a delicious smelling scent, turns the bath water pink, and best of all provides bubbles! I also like that the bar lasts for a couple of baths as you can break a bit off each time to use.

Lush Haul -Roses all the way

Roses All The Way was too beautiful to resist and with Valentine’s Day around the corner and my wedding not too far behind, I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to introduce some fun elements around the house that fuelled the whole, love is in the air kinda’ thing. This product is a soap that turns beautifully creamy as you lather it on your body.

Lush Haul -King of skin

The second of my intrigued purchases is King of Skin. I have managed to avoid it until now but it caught my attention when in store this time, long enough for me to want to know why some people love it so much. As someone that enjoys more showers than baths, it makes sense to purchase more products that can be used in-shower and I’m looking forward to giving King of Skin a go.

Lush Haul =Yoga Bomb

Finally, sometimes you just need to take it back to basics and enjoy a classic bath bomb. I haven’t tried this one before but it was purchased solely on colour appeal.

What are your favourite products from Lush? Have any of you visited the store on Oxford Street? I’ve walked past it a few times but I am not sure I have the self control to go in yet.

Until next time x