GRWM Hockey End of Season Dinner Dance

Hey Sweeties,

This time last year was my end of season dinner with Yateley Hockey Club (revisit that post here), and one year on (last Saturday night) it’s the same event, just a different club. It’s also a celebration of 90 years of Windsor Hockey. For a bit of fun, I thought I would try a get ready with me (GRWM) kind of post. I’ll tell you now, these work much better on film but while I may never get that kind of confidence or expertise, photographs and words it is. So here goes!

No Makeup

The beginning: Hair washed, face bare.

Skincare prep

Skincare prep: Moisturiser, serum and primer

Evening makeup

I always have a tendency to over complicate my makeup when I am going out, so today I wanted to keep it really light and simple. It’s also been gorgeously hot & sunny lately!

For the most part, the order in which I apply products doesn’t change to the way I do my everyday makeup (here), only the products I use. Here, I am using a slightly heavier foundation (Mac’s Studio Sculpt), and rather than a separate blusher and bronzer, I am using Too Faced’s Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer (review here) to achieve that all over colour & very light contour. I have also swapped my Naked Palettes for a single pan of Mac’s Frost, which is a rosey bronze colour. I also wanted to try out my new Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeshadow crayon, which I took into the crease and corners and blended out for a more shimmery effect.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes crayon

Early 1st impressions of the Rimmel Scandal Eyes crayon is good; very creamy & blendable!

I then finished off my eyes, eyebrows and face in the usual way.

Since getting my hair quite severely chopped (here), I can’t tell you how easy it is now and I am so much more inclined to keep it down and actually, do a bit more with it. I wash and prep it in the same way as I always do (see my haircare routine here), but as it’s a posher occasion I decided I would give it a bit of extra volume and shape by adding some curls.

Lee Stafford Curling Wand

I rarely like a whole head of full curls & the curling wand by Lee Stafford is great for giving you that choice over your look, type & size of curls.

…And I am done!

GRWM Complete

Dress -Lipsy (old), Clutch -Head over Heels/Dune, Shoes -Morgan/Schuh (old)

GRWM Makeup

I completed the look with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick, Happy Nude Year.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time x



This Girl Can campaign by Sports England

This Girl Can

Hey Sweeties,

Call me late to the party for waiting until now to mention it (that’s blog scheduling for you!) but how great is the This Girl Can campaign by Sport England?

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the advert currently crossing the air waves.


The most hilarious thing I have heard (on the radio) about this campaign is that this advert is sexist. SEXIST?! How on earth is this campaign sexist? It shows real women getting out there and doing their thing; it’s nothing other than fantastic. If this campaign used skinny framed, big boobed, highly attractive women in full makeup then you might have an argument. But it doesn’t. End of.

Through these Sunday Chat posts, I have spoken about confidence and about the benefits of doing something new amongst other things and I feel that the This Girl Can campaign is only but adding to this group of posts as well as the messages and advice I myself am trying to pass on to you, Sweeties.

(For a bit of context) Sport England following research, identified that there are 2 million fewer women than men doing sport/keeping active for fear of well… essentially not looking their best in front of others and feeling a bit self conscious which is crazy but as a woman who does exercise and keeps active, I can totally relate! Last spring/summer, I started going out for runs/jogs in the evenings  and where Ian and I used to live, I could do a really good circuit that took me round the back of the village; it was beautiful, scenic but more importantly, I could exercise away from the glare of others, it was private and I was alone.

As you all know I play hockey and this involves training once a week with a mixed group of people (men and women) and then a match at the weekends. I don’t worry about wearing no makeup as aside from the unattractiveness of makeup running down your face when you get hot and sweaty, mascara in your eyes owing to said sweating, stings like hell! My ‘fear’ is actually not performing well in front of others. I am better in matches because the adrenaline of the game takes over and you haven’t got time to think about anything except for the game at hand but in training, when it’s perfectly acceptable to make mistakes… that’s when I worry. Truth is, I don’t enjoy the games… well that’s a lie, I do enjoy the games and I love the training sessions, I just do a fantastic job of psyching myself out of them until the hour before. It’s ridiculous but at the moment I am just going through a stage of having an incredible lack of confidence in my abilities. I am also still finding my place within a new group of people and that’s always a factor with these things.

But every woman is different and ‘the fear’ that the campaign is trying to both raise and tackle will be different for everyone. Some may love gyms and don’t worry about sweating, but the thought of exercising alone is unthinkable and vice versa. For me, the thought of never playing hockey again fills me with dread so I put my confidence issues aside and just go for it and I think everyone reading this should do too!

Until next time x


30.01.2015: I have nothing against Company Magazine as I am sure they mean well but this kind of content from women’s publications drives me mad! It also goes almost completely against the above campaign! Working out is not about looking good while doing it; it’s ok to sweat and look a mess! I love their point regarding wearing waterproof mascara on the off chance you catch the attention of the Personal Trainer… because that is of course why women go to the gym. Man alive!

Company Magazine

Yes I commented back to them…!


The Fitness Plan

Hey Sweeties,

It’s not really a resolution, but it is certainly up there in my goals this year and that is to keep getting fitter and healthier.

I have always generally been in shape and healthy in my diet and lifestyle but from time to time, as it does with everyone, things slip for a number of reasons. For me, several years ago now I put on a couple of stone while I lived in London after moving out as I found those two years hard and I struggled a bit with depression. But then I split up with my long term then boyfriend not long after moving to University and two stone just disappeared off of me without me even realising and I maintained that for the next 2-3 years or so. It’s only when seeing a photo of myself in 2013 at a wedding did I suddenly realise I had allowed myself to get a little chunky again and with another wedding to attend 6-8 weeks away, I needed to do something about it and fast.

I have never really dieted and to be honest I wouldn’t as I think fundamentally keeping healthy is about eating in moderation and  exercising. I think if you ban yourself from sweet things then that craving is only going to get worse, you need a plan that is sustainable and without too much sacrifice but making it fun and enjoyable where possible.

Usually, I would disapprove of these shake based diets as I just think that once you have finished the course you will just put everything lost back on again once you resume eating three meals a day. However, I think if you are someone like me that needed a jolt and a kick into a new healthier lifestyle and something that would show results quickly, then for 3 months or so, shakes are ok and I learnt this during that summer of 2013. Without sounding like I am being sponsored to say this ( I am not btw), I had a friend on a shakes diet called, Juice Plus and with some light persuading I gave it a go and over the course of 2-3 months following the plan provided, I shifted over a stone and have since lost the rest with my own efforts. So it can work.

Now, following a year of training for two challenges that required a good level of fitness to complete (X-Runner Water Wipeout & the Yorkshire 3 Peaks), playing hockey and eating well amongst other things, I now can be confident in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But I can’t let things slip…

This year I am Maid of Honour at my best friend’s wedding and God forbid I ruin the photos not feeling my best, and in October I am going on the trip of a lifetime –Trek America– of which it’s going to be two weeks spent in shorts and t-shirts while participating in a number of activities and memory making.

The Fitness Plan

Using the left over Tesco vouchers at Christmas I bought myself the Breville Blend Active to start incorporating smoothies into my diet; these will be great particularly over the summer. I will obviously be continuing hockey until the season ends in March-April when I then hope to start running again. I also recently picked up Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Be Body Beautiful. She is not someone I am a particularly big fan of, but I admire her success with her two businesses and I am willing to follow some of her fitness advice. I would also this year like to give Yoga and/or Pilates a try…

What are your health and fitness goals?

Until next time x


Blogmas Day 13: Last Game of Hockey & some Christmas Shopping


Hey Sweeties,

In this Blogmas process, I would so far have to say that the weekends are when I struggle/almost forget that I need to post something as I am out and about and blogging to be honest, is the last thing on my mind.

So today was my last game of hockey for 2014 and although I would say it was one of the better matches for me in that I enjoyed it from the off, it was also the worst as we lost when we shouldn’t of done and (*hangs head*) I missed three goal opportunities. Two were just unlucky, the third really was no excuse for. But like I said last week, sometimes you just don’t get the opportunity or you simply have crap days. Today was a crap day.

Moving on.

Once I got home, because the day was so gorgeous outside (crisp and clear -the perfect winter day) I knew I couldn’t stay indoors so after a quick bit of food and a cup of coffee, I decided I would venture out to Hobby Craft in Staines and see what else is out in that part of the world as I’ve not been there before. Although the name let’s it down, Staines is actually quite a nice place and I’ll be definitely going back for a better look once Christmas mania has passed.

I am not sure if I have really explained Christmas to you guys before but I’ll give you the low down. Basically, for the last few years my family have pretty much stopped doing presents; we’ve relaxed a bit recently as we’ll slip each other the odd small thing but really, we stand by a no gifts policy. To begin with it was a little bit to do with finances, now it’s simply because we just don’t see the point of buying for the sake of buying. I can imagine this sounds unbelievably scrooge like but bear with me. Basically my brothers and I are now at an age where we really don’t need anything and if we do, we’ll buy it ourselves or ask it for our birthday. Also, as a family, we love buying things spontaneously for each other so Christmas in this sense doesn’t fulfil this as you are essentially, forcing yourself to find something to give. When this rule first got implemented, I hated it as I am someone that absolutely loves buying for others; I also hated it while I was at Uni as that’s when I could’ve got things I really needed like textbooks etc. Now, I feel just the same as the rest of my family, I walk round town and I just question all the consumerism.

Yes I could easily make a Christmas list and Ian and I still buy things for each other but -and I know how ridiculously cheesy this sounds- for me the best thing I could be given is time. I live away from my family and rarely see them and all four of my best friends live away from me so again, I don’t see them as much as I would like to so yes gifts would be lovely but a day with each of them would be more valuable and precious to me. So, this Christmas my family will be getting vouchers that equal in a day out with each other i.e. a girly day with my Mum, a Daddy-daughter day (with my Dad)… For my friends, I am giving them a little handmade decoration; something personal & something they know I’ll have spent time creating and these will be given in person as I am fortunate enough to be seeing them each over Christmas & early January. This is why I had to venture to Hobby Craft

While in Staines I bought a few other Christmassy bits for the house as we’re hosting Christmas this year and also a gift for my Secret Santa at work which I know they will just love!

What have you guys been up to?


Until tomorrow x


Saturday Hockey Matches & Scoring my First Goal


Hey Sweeties,

How are we all? Good weekend so far? …and Blogmas, going ok for those participating? To be honest I only just remembered I had to post today!

My Saturday’s throughout the autumn/winter months generally consist of hockey matches and you’ll know from a recent Sunday Chat post that I have joined a new team following moving house. I think so far though I have only been available to play 4 or so matches with Windsor so far this year owing to weekend availability so I am only now in the midst of really getting stuck in with them. As a forward/striker/attacker (aka, one of usually three players that remains up near goal during the game), I really feel the pressure when I don’t actually score and this week I could really feel myself getting stressed about it. More than anything it’s the feeling of wanting to prove yourself in front of a new team. To be honest though, and any person that plays team based sports will know that fundamentally sometimes its of no fault of your own, it’s often the opportunity just doesn’t present itself. It can also be incredibly frustrating when players that play lower down the field get a good run up the pitch and manage to get the ball in the net when you’ve been up there poised for ages, but that’s just how it is sometimes.

So today you’ll be delighted to know that I finally scored my debut goal for Windsor! Absolutely thrilled and just the confidence boost I need!!

This being only my second season back playing hockey, I still have so much to learn and although training teaches you ball and stick techniques and various other skills and methods vital for playing hockey, you don’t actually get taught any of the rules. So although it is incredibly daunting to be involved in matches when you still haven’t quite found your confidence, out on the pitch during play is when you pick up the real core elements of the game. Mistakes can only be expected but like I said, when you’re still finding your confidence with both yourself as a player and as a member of a team of people you don’t know that well, it’s tricky. But the more games you play, the more you learn and pick up and your confidence builds gradually from there.

Hockey really is just something I have found in my life that I just love. I can’t really explain it exactly but I do so enjoy myself and it’s a brilliant stress reliever (as I am sure I have spoken about before) so when I battle insecurity over performing well (even during training), I can get easily upset and doubt myself which really isn’t fun and to be honest, completely unnecessary. If I played professionally and didn’t score then we’d have problems, but right now, although it’s competitive above all it’s fun… exactly how it should be!

Right, I’m off now to have a long hot shower to warm up as I have only just got back from the match (where it was so cold the pitch was still partly frozen) and then I am going to have a large glass of wine and a cosy night in with Ian and Lola.


Delighted at my debut goal!

Until tomorrow x