Living in the moment, lessons learnt & other Reflections from my Twenties

Hey Sweeties,

On the eve of my 30th birthday, today is my final day as a woman in my twenties and while I am excited by the prospect of turning the page on a new chapter of life, equally I am kinda’ freaking out.

On reflection, my twenties have been amazing, a real roller coaster of experiences and emotions and I do not regret anything. Everything that I have seen, done, loved, lived, visited, worked, lost and found, has all contributed to the woman I am today. My twenties has been my time to get to know me, explore life, take different paths, and experience what the hell I want to, completely guilt free.

I would pour yourself a brew and get some snacks because if you have never been here before, you’re going to be here a while; and if you are a regular reader then you know how much I can write and this post is no different. Get comfy.

Living in the moment, lessons learnt & other Reflections from my Twenties

Life lessons from my twenties

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Fourteen Ways to be Kickass and Awesome!

Kickass and awesome

Hey Sweeties,

Something a bit different for you today and something inspired by my recent career frustrations and general championing of successful women. Here is how I think you can be kickass and awesome, even if you just tell it to yourself!

Keen. No one gets anywhere looking bored

Inspirational. Use your talent(s) to encourage others to do/be great

Confident. A person with confidence has power

Kind. You’ll be surprised how far that takes you

Attitude. A great attitude can be the key to your next great opportunity

Strong. Know your mind and what you value

Style. Have your own way of doing something


Amazing. Just be.

Willing. On par with being keen and having a great attitude

Exceptional. Be the best at what you do

Sassy. Because every awesome person has a bit of sass about them!

Outside the box. Think.

Motivating. Energise others

Edgy. All great people have an edge to their being!

You're awesome

Until next time x