Going Vegan – What has Changed Two Years On?

Hey Sweeties,

In November 2015 I wrote a post about going vegan (here) and a couple of months later I documented my experience trying out Veganuary (week 1, week 2 & 3, and week 4) as I wanted to properly explore if going vegan was sustainable for me, and I thought it was worthwhile me writing an update post to let you know what -if anything- has changed two years on.

Going Vegan: An Update

This year I feel the Veganuary campaign has gained momentum with more people seeming to be taking part, whether it just be for the month, or to explore -like I did- if going vegan works for them long term.

Going vegan

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Four Reasons Why I Love being Vegetarian | #NationalVegetarianWeek

Hey Sweeties,

Apologies for it being a bit quiet around here and on my social channels for the past three weeks or so, I have just returned from 2.5 weeks in America on honeymoon, and before that I was working like a maniac to get everything done on time. I haven’t had a proper holiday since Trek America a couple of years ago, so a proper break was well overdue.

Anyway, there will be more on ClaireySweetie very soon about my recent trip/honeymoon so stay tuned. Right, time for today’s post-

(On a quick side note, before I get called out (which to be honest is unlikely because I don’t think anyone follows my blog so religiously that contradictions would be picked up, that being said…) -to be clear I try to keep to a 90% plant-based diet as per my post a while back now (here) explaining my reasons. I have tried going 100% vegan and to be honest, for me it’s not maintainable but it certainly is a guide to how I like to eat/live going forward. For example, a little bit of cheese is fine; cakes made with egg are fine… but I no longer consume dairy milk, and I won’t eat eggs say poached, scrambled etc. Basically, anything I can conveniently purchase and/or made free from meat and dairy, I do. Anyway, let’s crack on.)

Four Reasons Why I Love being Vegetarian

Vegetarian Week

1. Bloody Love Vegetables (& Fruit)

I really do and to be honest, if I didn’t I would have a serious problem in trying to live vegetarian. My favourite vegetables are broccoli, aubergine, courgettes, and I guess tomatoes for their versatility. I’m not the biggest fan of parsnips and I cannot deal with mashed potato.. potatoes every other way not a problem, mashed? no.

On my breakfast I love adding blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. A fresh salad bar is also like, my favourite thing, particularly for lunch.

2. I (almost*) Care more about Animals than I do People

For as long as I can remember (so let’s assume from birth), I have been incredibly sensitive to animal cruelty; seeing dead animals on the road; those horrendous scenes in nature programmes; and any film involving an animal dying. To be honest, how I haven’t always been vegetarian is a bit of a mystery to me.

*I definitely do care more about animals than people

Vegetarian Week

3. Being Vegetarian-Vegan Works for Me

They some blood types/people are very suited to a mostly vegetarian diet and this is me. Some vegetarians and vegans particularly, look incredibly malnourished and really there is no excuse, especially with so much advice and education available now. Ultimately it’s about listening to your body and finding out what works, what doesn’t, and identifying anything it needs more of.

Vegetarian Week

Lentil ragu from Prezzo’s Vegan menu

4. It’s Easy!

I reckon there is a huge difference in being vegetarian twenty years ago compared to today, now there is such a good variety of free-from ingredients, products, ready meals etc. it makes meal planning so much more easier. Also, with the likes of Deliciously Ella and co, food bloggers are helping reinvent not only the way people think about vegetables, but also how to prepare them. Maple roasted sweet potato wedges anyone?

Vegetarian Week

Vegetarian roast dinner

That all being said, considering how easy and already tasty vegetables are, it’s incredible how unimaginative many restaurants are with their vegetarian offering. The amount of times I visit a restaurant to find just ONE vegetarian option on the menu, and 9/10 it’s either tomato pasta or a risotto of some kind. Pathetic.

If you’re vegetarian/vegan, what do you love most about it?

Until next time x