Four Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Hey Sweeties,

Seeking some financial respite after the often busy and expensive festive period, it’s forgivable for many to want to keep spending thereafter to a minimum. For loved up bunnies however, Valentine’s Day is an extra excuse to tell your other half how much they mean to you… but it doesn’t need to break the bank.

Four purse-friendly ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget

Valentines day on a budget

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The Boyfriend Tag

Hey Sweeties,

Happy Valentine’s Day! You’ll know from my post earlier in the week that I think today (while highly and unnecessarily commercialised), is a great opportunity to celebrate being in a relationship, I thought it would be really fun to do something a bit different on the blog and actually get the man himself involved. The Boyfriend Tag (although Ian’s actually my Fiancé) would of course be much better filmed, but until I get myself properly set up to do videos (in time Sweeties, in time), a transcript of our conversation will have to do! Here goes:

The Boyfriend Tag

Me (C): Hi darling

Ian (I): Hello

C: I thought I would involve you today in participating in ‘The Boyfriend Tag’ with me.

I: Okay Fiancée! Fire away.

C: Okeydokey. Question 1. Where did we meet?

I: Royal Ascot

C: Correct, we were both working for a well know betting company at the time. I was working with the promotions team for the summer and met you while doing so! Although I think you initially thought I was called Stacey?

I: I did that’s true, but you assume that if someone is wearing a name tag it’s their actual name on it and not one that is being (temporarily) borrowed!

C: Ha! Question2. Where was our first date?

I: I took you to a cricket match at Cheltenham College.

C: Yes, I had never been to a game before and you saw this as a great opportunity to see a match and take me on a date at the same time.

C: Question 3. Where was our first kiss?

I: As above, I got a cheeky kiss after the match finished.

C: Question 4. Did you know that I was the one? If so, how far into the relationship?

I: I did but not sure exactly when, maybe a little while after you’d moved in with me and we’d tested that we were properly compatible; so perhaps after a little over a year or so of being together?

C: Yeah I agree, I was living on my own before moving in with you and I remember having the conversation about living together and I said that if I move in, I’m not doing so to just move out again.

C: Question 5. What were your first impressions of me?

I: Cute

C: Is that it, cute?

I: Yeah, you just seemed like a nice young lady. What were your first impressions of me?

C: You were quite shy I remember, but the more I got to know you the more you opened up. I could see that despite the shyness, there was a gentleman underneath.

I: *Smiles*

C: Question 6. When did you meet my family?

I: After about 9 months of dating, you’d just finished University and were about to move in (with me). We spent the day in Taunton watching the cricket and your parents met us for lunch.

C: Question 7. Where’s the best place we’ve visited together?

I: India, our first holiday.

C: That was an incredible trip (read about our travels in India here).

C: Question 8. Who said ‘I love you’ first and where were we?

I: It was me, at my/our flat on New Year’s Eve at midnight.

C: Yes, and I said it back!

C: Question 9. What do we argue about the most?

I: In fairness we don’t really argue but me farting sparks a bit of tension 😉

C: Lol! Question 10. Who wears the trousers (in our relationship)?

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Valentine’s Day – Are you a Lover or a Hater?

Hey Sweeties,

Can I be honest with you? With three days until Valentine’s Day, I feel a little bit of a rant coming on but bear with me…

People actually need to calm f*** down about Valentine’s Day regardless to whether you’re a lover or a hater. The haters spend so much effort performing an outward display of hate that for the lovers out there who do take some pleasure in the day and all its hugely over commercialised glory, we can’t be open about it.

Here’s where I stand; I don’t need a day in the year to remind me that I need to tell Ian how much I love him, we do it every day and I mean that. But, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to celebrate being in a relationship (in addition to anniversaries etc.) and this year is our last as an unmarried couple. I always like to receive a card because I adore the written word (can’t you tell?), and I love to open something and see Ian’s handwritten declaration of love for me. I am also incredibly lucky that Ian often has another surprise or two up his sleeve which is usually a day trip somewhere because time together is priceless.

I completely agree that Valentine’s Day has become massively over commercialised, but so has Christmas, and Easter actually and it only gets worse every year. You either choose to participate or you don’t because regardless, brands have seized another day in the calendar to completely exploit you. I totally appreciate that it’s not much fun if you’re single –we’ve all been there sisters- but it’s the same for those who are on their own and have to spend holidays like Christmas by themselves. You’ll tell me they are two completely different things but they’re not, knowing others are out there celebrating and you aren’t is never enjoyable and can feel very isolating, particularly now with social media being swamped by highlight reels.

That being said, if you are single, make it a day to remind yourself about how great you are. I don’t mean on the basis to convince yourself that it’s only time before a man will notice you, I mean so you learn to love and appreciate yourself. Last week I posted about being your own best friend, so take my advice and if you haven’t got any plans yet on Sunday, take yourself on a date and enjoy yourself –if you go to Costa and order a coffee to have in, I’m almost 100% sure they’ll sprinkle a chocolate heart on top! It’s the little things eh…

Valentine's Day Coffee

There will of course be cynics and do-gooders reading this and similar blog posts and articles (like those who leave comments underneath stories on the Mail Online website), saying how they don’t need a card to feel loved, that they go out on dates with their partner all the time, and after 30 years of marriage they still hold hands. Well good for them, honestly. But spare a moment for those who work away a lot, or even just work shifts that often take up weekends; think about the many millions of guys (and girls) out there who don’t routinely leave lovely written notes around the house for their wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husbands etc.; or for couples with children who rarely get that time together to just be. Sometimes a national day, regardless of its hype or meaning, just reminds the busy working couple to do that one extra thing to acknowledge that they adore each other. You’ll be amazed how daily life just consumes everything and yes, you do need that occasional reminder or prompt to do something.

So excuse me guys, but I love Valentine’s Day and I don’t really care who doesn’t, just don’t make me feel guilty about it. But if there is someone out there that you think are the bee’s knees, tell them, no matter who it is. Love is in the air guys, don’t fight it.

Until next time x



Smashbox Color & Contour Master Class Palette Review

Smashbox Color and Contour Master class palette

Hey Sweeties,

Regular readers will remember that I got this amazing Smashbox palette for Christmas as an alternative for the Lorac Pro Palette Mum couldn’t get hold of when in New York in December and I have been itching to review it for you guys. SPOILER! It’s an incredible palette!

Smashbox Color and contour master class palette

Within the case are two palettes (as seen above), there are 32 colours (or colors for our American friends) and then along the lower 1/3 of the palettes are 6 larger squares – on the left; contour, bronze, highlight and on the right are three blushes; carnation, flush and rosy. This palette has everything you need to complete a full makeup look and will be fantastic to travel with if you are someone on the go or for me, it will be perfect to take away on my Trek America tour in October.

As you can tell from the images (I hope), the colours are vivid and the pigment quality matches that 100%, you really don’t need to take your brush heavily through the palette as any good makeup brush i.e. those from Real Techniques, pick up the colour easily. The colours also blend together beautifully.

As we all know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and in anticipation, I tried a look that I may replicate on Saturday using the three pink shades as seen on the right side of the palette.

Smashbox master class palette

Smashbox Look

Smashbox palette

*Remember, much better photography is on the way in future posts!

The only bad thing I have to say about this palette is that I don’t think it is available in the UK? or at least, I have yet to see it anywhere. So, much like Too Faced’s Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer (reviewed here), if you have a friend or family member crossing the pond anytime soon I suggest you add the Smashbox Color and Contour Master Class Palette to your wish list.

Until next time x