Tesco Beauty Haul

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I don’t know about you guys but has anyone noticed how Tesco has suddenly appeared on the beauty radar? I have and although it would take a lot for me to abandon Boots (which let’s be honest, will never happen) Tesco can’t be ignored here. The store that does everything has firmly pushed its way into the beauty market as a stockist so I thought… let’s give them a go.

Tesco beauty haul

Beauty Haul

I am fortunate, down the road from me is a mahoosive Tesco with an equally impressive beauty section, conveniently located off of home ware. Before we get excited here, I haven’t done a massive beauty haul as my stocks at the minute are kind of ok but the beauty blogosphere and Instagram has got me all excited to try out the new Bourjois Delice de Poudre Duo (bronzing powder and highlighter). I was already on the verge of seeking out the bronzing powder alone but it seemed more worth while to buy the highlighter as well in a bid to become the queen of contouring not to mention being able to try this product while it is still relatively new and not do my typical late-to-the-party product discovery.

Of course though, there would have to be a 3-for-2 offer on all Bourjois products… how could I refuse when in front of me is an array of pretty things? So, along with picking up the Delice de Poudre Duo, I also picked up a new blusher in 95 Rose de Jaspe (Jasper Rose) and the Healthy Mix foundation in no. 53 light beige.

Let’s get one thing straight, I love the blusher! The packaging alone makes this a gorgeous little product to have in one’s collection and it comes a little brush which to be honest I am unlikely to use, but the colour is a lovely rosey pink with a touch of shimmer that really adds a delicate flush to the cheeks.  I am totally in love with this product and be assured it won’t be leaving my blush collection in a long time, maybe even never.

Regular readers will be aware that recently I swapped foundations and although I have enjoyed wearing Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation, now that the weather is changing I don’t need something so dewy and I really don’t think it suits oily skin which I do have a little bit. Rather than reverting back to my honest L’Oreal True Match, I have continued with my efforts to really explore new things. My skin at the minute is enjoying products that apply lightly and I am more than happy to satisfy its demands as until we move firmly into winter so I believe I can get away with this for a little while yet. Although I haven’t heard hundreds of people rave about Bourjois’ Healthy mix, I have heard enough for me think it is worth a punt and I am pleased to report I am not disappointed. How long I continue with it is still too premature to say but it is light on the skin, provides relatively good coverage and generally seems to cope with an oily t-zone. I don’t find I need to layer it with lots of powder but a light dusting sets it well and allows it to last for most of the day. As for shades, there didn’t seem to be a wide selection which ultimately makes me think that in time I will go back to the True Match collection as the shades really are so hard to beat. Healthy Mix’s light beige is still maybe a fraction darker than I need but it suits for now and I can always adjust with powder and/or bronzer as necessary going forward as my skin tone changes with the weather.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Duo


So,  the Delice de Poudre Duo… ok, I’ll be honest, I am not blown away by it but in defence of the product before I cause uproar with Beauty Bloggers, it could easily be how I am applying it but I am not really sure you can get this so wrong you make the product look crap. But for now maybe we’ll say its me and wait for others to comment/review further. I do like the bronzer though, I think for an all over touch of colour I think it works fine… I just have a little bit of a problem achieving a good contour look with it along with the highlighter. For me it’s too fine. For contouring I like something a little darker to really chisel out my cheekbones and I am not someone that is going to spend time layering a product extensively until it’s right. I haven’t got the patience and rarely the time. But like any blogger, my opinion is mine alone and I have no doubt you guys may have experienced something different and far more successful with it. On a positive note however, I love the packaging, I love how it appears like a block of chocolate and I love the smell. I am sure in time application will also be something I master and love… just not right now.

Finally, while in Tesco I happened to notice a small bottle of Argan oil which for a mere £1 seemed ridiculous to ignore so in my basket it went. You guys will also be aware that I am starting to treat my hair with the respect it deserves and I have heard lots about this and similar oils therefore I thought it would be sensible to follow suit. My first use of the product didn’t go well, on the packaging it instructs 4-5 drops for long hair but as its a bottle, pouring exact drops is difficult so naturally I put too much in. However, aware of this initial mistake I have since learnt to pour the right amount out and apply throughout my long locks with very good results. I have noticed that my hair now feels cleaner for a tad longer and looks more glossy which can only be a good thing.

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