Is there such a thing as the Perfect Degree?

The perfect degree?

Hey Sweeties,

Conscious that it’s that time of year where many of you will be graduating and bracing yourselves for hunting for your first proper job; as a graduate myself, I almost feel a responsibility towards you all. When I was at University, there was never a doubt that we would all land great jobs… what they fail to tell you, is that this might not be straight away. Yes you learn great skills writing essays; managing societies and representing your class and or school does look great on your CV, but this doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be snapped up straight away. So I feel it is my duty, to shatter any rosy vision you have been sold and to tell you how it really is

For the full low down on my personal experience from graduation to landing my first job in my desired field, read that post here. But as regular readers will be aware, I don’t hold back and I have been honest that just because you finally make your break, doesn’t mean that’s it; often it takes another move or two to land yourself in the right place. But this is ok, it’s how you build your experience and work out what you want.

So today, I thought I would discuss a question that often dogs my mind… is there such a thing as the perfect degree?

In a single word, no.

In my head, I still sometimes debate if my degree in Media Communications was the right one. I never doubt the subject, but I do doubt the course. University was a very last minute decision and I didn’t have much time to carry out thorough research in how the degree in Communications would differ from place to place. Also, a lot of my drive to go was for the experience overall and therefore location played a huge part. That being said, I do not for one minute regret going to Bath Spa and I do not regret my degree; going was and will always be the best decision I have ever made and the greatest thing I have done for myself. It’s only when in interview (see here for my top tips), that you are sometimes questioned and challenged on your choices and you can come out wondering if you did after all, do the right thing.

At the end of the day, as I have proven, it doesn’t matter how much you think you have prepared yourself to be the top possible candidate for a job, ultimately it comes down to fit. Employers have their list of desired graduates -what they studied, where they studied and grade achieved etc., and some will hold out for that ultimate all singing all dancing grad. But if you ask my opinion, I don’t think these are the employers to aspire to work for; their standards are so impossibly high working there that for the likes of you and me, it wouldn’t be that fun or that fulfilling. The personality and culture of a workplace speaks volumes and will ultimately be the decider of your success, not your degree.

Also, a little note about grades. Please do not worry if you do not get your desired result; it does not define you. Of course you will be gutted, I was a bit gutted about the overall mark for my dissertation & was hoping to pass my degree as a whole with a higher score than I did. But has it hindered me at all in the real world? no. Attitude and passion is everything, so keep your chin up, strive for what you want and go get it!

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