The Perks of Short Hair

Hey Sweeties,

Since the well documented fact that not so long ago I decided that long hair was no longer my thing, I thought I would update you on how life with shorter hair is. To no surprise (the title is a bit of a giveaway), I love having shorter hair and therefore I thought I would put into words, the perks!

GRWM Makeup

For some context, I used to HATE the thought of short hair and short for me was anything above the small of my back. I did once lop all of my long hair off before because I think I just wanted something completely different and this was when I was in my mid-teens. Biggest mistake ever. Although it suited me, I hated it, it was just not the thing to do then and it wasn’t me at all. It’s like Rapunzel chopping her hair off, she changed and lost her powers… not that I had any of course, but you know what I mean. 

However, several years on and things are different. As much as I loved my long hair, I had grown out of it and it spent more time bundled on top of my head, than it was it pretty styles showing off it’s length. Also, it helped that some well known people were going for the chop and I just loved how good they looked and how it gave them a new kind of maturity.

So, the perks of shorter hair:

1. It looks modern and grown up

2. When you’re struck down with sickness like I was not too long ago; when chundering, holding short hair out of your face is much easier!

3. Hair products like my favourite Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray and L’Oreal #TXT spray work so much better in shorter hair. I can now really feel and embrace the volume and texture they inject and are now part of my everyday staples.

Texturising sprays

4. If I wanted to, I could actually wash and dry my hair before work (does still mean waking up slightly earlier though).

5. Use a lot less shampoo and conditioner

6. Dries in half the time

7. No more dead arms trying to hold the hair dryer for so long

8. Much easier to style

9. More practical for those that lead a more active lifestyle (a personal opinion based on experience)

10. Ultimately it just looks great!

Have any of you gone for the chop and also love having shorter hair?

Until next time x


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