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Hey Sweeties,

It’s my birthday!! Today I am twenty-nine years old (young, whatever) and in this final year of my twenties, I have a few things I want to finally achieve, see and do before I reach my third decade –some serious, some silly, some just nice-to-haves. Some things are already in the calendar for me to tick off, but for the most part I need to spend the next fifty-two weeks making that time for myself to tick off everything else not yet scheduled or feel I have given enough attention to. I also have to acknowledge that all being well, this might be my last year of being able to be totally selfish with my time and money before another being occupies it. I know on some people’s thirty before thirty lists, starting a family is one of those things they want and it’s the same for me, I want children but I don’t want starting a family to become stressful or something I have to, ‘tick off’ achieving; it happens when it happens and that might be before I hit thirty, or it might not.

On that note, I think it’s important to remember and acknowledge how quickly things can change. Last year I wasn’t yet engaged but within the 12 months since I did get engaged and I’m now married. I know a lot of people see being single as a problem and while I can totally relate that being single can be an immensely lonely time for some, you also need to own that time for yourself. I talk about being selfish but that selfishness is now within the boundaries of marriage, your selfishness is still 100% yours. Your twenties are for finding out who you are and I certainly achieved this through exploring a couple of career options; living away from home around the UK pursuing those careers; my time at University and the years since. In my later adult life I have unfortunately had to deal with social anxiety making an appearance, but anxiety in adulthood, albeit a short spell, is very common. We become more conscious about things, and more stressed which all fundamentally takes its toll on the body and mind. I have written about my social anxiety here.

twenty-nine things before thirty

So, what to put on my list? I know many do a thirty before thirty bucket list but I like trying to aim for twenty-nine just to be different and to still honour my twenties which for the most part, has been an awesome decade of my life to live; let’s round it off with another incredible year!

  1. Travel the east Coast of America –Last October I travelled the West Coast with trek America (read my diaries here) and I have already been to New York City (here), but my Husband and I want to spend our Honeymoon visiting Boston, Washington DC and the surrounding area. We’re looking to book our trip for next May so watch this space.
  2. Gallop along a beach – I have ridden horses since I was six but I have never had the opportunity to gallop along a beach.
  3. Go horse riding more –since moving to Berkshire, I have really struggled to find a new local riding school to go to for some ‘happy hacking’, so while I can go to north Wales or Devon to achieve a dream of galloping along a beach, I would also like to do more riding over the next 12 months.
  4. Watch The Book of Mormon at the theatre –I love the theatre and this particular West End production has been on my list for a long time.
  5. Improve my Photography –I invested a couple of years ago in a proper, big boy DSLR and while my blog photography is okay, it could be better. This extends also to knowing how to use my camera appropriately in other environments and locations to achieve the best photographs I can.
  6. See more of the UK –Although I have visited quite a lot of this country, I would still like to see more of it so asides from Liverpool specifically (because it’s somewhere I have always been intrigued to visit), I would still like to visit more towns and cities I have not yet been to.
  7. Stay at the Ageas Hilton hotel and watch the cricket from the balcony –As you know my Husband and I are cricket fans and now that the Ageas Bowl in Southampton has had a spanking new Hilton hotel built that overlooks the pitch, we would like to view the cricket from the balcony.
  8. Visit Chelsea Flower Show –I visited the Ideal Home Show a couple of years ago (here) for some home inspiration, now I would like to get some inspiration for the garden as well as divulge in my love for gardens and flowers.
  9. Attend Royal Ascot –Ian and I met here five years ago when we worked at the event and we have said every year we’ll go back as visitors but keep failing. Not anymore!
  10. Attend Cheltenham Horse racing festival –Another horse racing event to tick off the list.
  11. Go to Olympia Horse Show –I went to Olympia in the mid-90s with one of my Godmother’s and again it has been one of those events that for years Mum and I say we’ll attend, but are never hot enough to get tickets in time. However, this year I was actually on the ball to get tickets so in December we are finally visiting Olympia horse show!
  12. Volunteer for somethinge. at a local animal rescue centre; making teas for a local sports team, litter pick…
  13. Publish a piece of writing –My long term dream is to become a freelance writer and while I love my blog, I need to also be pursuing getting my writing seen elsewhere.
  14. Reach 500 followers on ClaireySweetie –In the same way I am serious about writing with the above point, I am serious about the blog. I want more opportunities to come my way and the only way that is going to happen is if I can increase my following and monthly traffic. I have every confidence in the content I produce, but I need to find new ways to achieve better exposure whether that be broaden out into YouTube and/or Podcasts. Advice very welcome!
  15. Attend my best friend’s wedding –I’m my bestie’s Matron of Honour in September and I think it’s everyone’s dream to witness their best pals get married and begin that new and exciting chapter.
  16. Pick up my old saxophone and learn to play again –for years I played the flute, achieving Grade 4 before I was able to pick up the saxophone. I achieved Grade 3 before I moved out of home and although the saxophone has travelled with me to every new location I have lived in, I have never been able to get it out to play. This is something I have to relearn and find pleasure in again because it is the most fantastic of instruments and a skill that would be so sad to lose. I particularly want to learn how to play, ‘Tequila‘ by The Champs!
  17. Swim across Weymouth harbour on Christmas Day –ever since I witnessed this a few years ago, I just knew it was something I had to do myself one year, because sometimes I can be crazy and spontaneous like that. 2016 has to be that year!
  18. Continue to read more –this is currently a New Year’s resolution I am working through but I think it’s something I want to ensure I keep doing for at least another year. It’s important for me to make that time to read (physical books) and not spend time looking at the screen.
  19. Learn something new –I think in life as we get older, making that time for ourselves to learn something new from scratch is hard, but it is doable. I don’t yet know what that new thing is going to be yet, but I’m sure something will make itself known.
  20. Practice yoga –I started classes at my local gym about a year ago now but through failure on my part, I let my attendance of those classes slip in recent months so I would like to pick this back up.
  21. Spend more time in the garden –I adore gardening and lately I have been so busy, I have had no opportunity to get out there on the weekends.
  22. Say Yes to more things –This is a big one, I called my Trek America trip last October my ‘say yes tour’ and I feel I need to continue with that theme in other areas of my life, particularly social opportunities at work.
  23. Achieve a promotion at work
  24. Make time for friends and family –this shouldn’t be on a list, it should be routine but when your best friends and close family don’t live nearby, you have to make that commitment to see each other regularly.
  25. Make a new Friend(s)
  26. Meet a Celebrity –I’ve met and seen a few low key celebrities in recent years, last weekend my bestie and I met cyclist Chris Hoy at random, and I think this would be something fun to try and do again within the next year. Who’s it going to be???
  27. Try a new type of Cuisine –London, as well as much of the UK, is full of all types of food from across the world and it’s time to break free of the routine (but much loved) Italian, French, Indian and Chinese foods for something new and different. Any recommendations?
  28. Save more Money –I am generally quite good at putting money aside each month, but I know I can do better with this and by better, I mean more which includes increasing my pension contributions; you can never plan for the future too soon.
  29. Spend more Wisely –This and the above point go hand-in-hand, by saving more I have less to spend which means I need to think more carefully and wisely, about what I do spend my money on. I earn it so I can spend it, but you do get to a point whereby you have to wonder if you really do need to own so much. I need to spend more on experiences, rather than material items. But we’ll see!

So there you go Sweeties, my bucket list of twenty-nine things to tick off before thirty have been set; I am excited to get going! What would be on your bucket list?

Until next time x



  1. Nicky 10th August 2016 / 1:29 pm

    Don’t forget you still have a lot of years ahead of you! Don’t do everything you’ve ever wanted to do in just one year, savour each thing as you go…. maybe 30 for 30 next year could include something long-lasting? Like sponsoring a child in poverty. .. I may be biased because we work with them but I can highly recommend Compassion UK…

  2. Jess 9th August 2016 / 11:56 am

    I was hoping to do one of these lists for my 25th but I get stuck after about 11! Happy Birthday lovely, hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Claire 10th August 2016 / 10:40 am

      Ha! Yes I struggled to be honest to get 29 but I got there. Thank you 😀

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