My Weekend at The British Grand Prix

Hey Sweeties,

Last weekend I attended the British Grand Prix for the first time and if you follow my Snapchat and/or Instagram, you’ll have seen some posts and video from the weekend already, but I thought I would share some other memories and elements of the weekend for you now for something a bit different to my usual posts.

In brief, we (my husband and four friends) camped on-site at Whittlebury Park for the duration of the weekend, which for me definitely added to the whole experience of attending the Formula 1/British Grand Prix. Four of us were total F1 novices while the two behind us attending in the first place, love F1 so for the weekend we simply followed their lead.

We arrived late afternoon on Thursday and simply spent the evening chilling at the campsite, then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent the day on the circuit watching the practice runs and Saturday’s qualifying round. Sunday is the main day for racing and the place really comes alive.

British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix

The Drivers doing a tour of the crowd before the race

British Grand Prix Silverstone

After the race on Sunday, we were allowed onto the track

Outside of the practice runs and racing of the Formula One cars and Porsches, there was plenty of other things going on to keep attendees and campers entertained. On the Friday night at Whittlebury Park, Formula One commentator David ‘Crofty’ Croft hosted a quiz night which was fun to attend (even though I contributed nothing as I have zero knowledge of F1); alternatively, on the course there was a concert including Scouting for Girls and Texas. On Saturday night there was more music on offer with cover group, Band Substance playing on the back of a trailer at the beer tent; and Sunday before the race kicked off there was a phenomenal display by the Red Arrows. We were also quite fortunate that the Wimbledon and Euro 2016 finals fell across this weekend; the campsite had a large outdoor screen which meant that after the racing had finished, we were able to catch Andy Murray win Wimbledon, and Portugal win the Euros.

British Grand Prix Red Arrows display

British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix

Stunning police cars on display!


As you guys know, I am what I like to call a ‘veggie-vegan’ -100% vegetarian, 90% plant based; the 10% allows for that leeway when I am out and about as not everywhere yet caters for vegans, and also I am not so strict that I don’t allow myself a cheeky piece of cake with my coffee, or a delicious pudding with a meal at a weekend. Remember, everything in moderation, guys and life is simply too short to deny yourself treats!

For during the day, we brought some picnic items from home to make up rolls and things to pack in our bags while out on the circuit, and for me this was fine. On the first night we had a BBQ so I was able to use Quorn sausages, again brought from home; and on the other three nights we ate out. I had a delicious vegetable curry on the Friday night, and a simple tomato pasta on the last night as we sat outside and watched the Euro finals on the big screen at the campsite. The only time I had issues was at The Terrace Restaurant we went to on the Saturday night based on-site at Whittlebury Park; the menu offered a carvery, salmon or steak with just one option for vegetarians which was simply listed as ‘vegetarian meal of the day’ but turned out to be Arancini –crispy fried risotto balls. Without going into the palaver I had understanding what exactly was being offered to me, when it did eventually come out, while it tasted perfectly okay, it wasn’t exactly exciting; I had three of these risotto balls on a mound of boiled vegetables. I often wonder how hard it is for places to offer a suitable vegetarian (ideally vegan) alternative to meat, and to not melt butter over all the vegetables at a carvery? But carvery’s aside, restaurants have got to stop just offering a mediocre meal for non-meat eaters; it’s lazy and says a lot about their imagination as caterers. It also needs to be said that not every meat eater wants to always eat meat!



These vegan ChurrosAmigos Churros were everything!

However, there is a huge variety of food available, not to mention an ice cream van around every corner, around the course at Silverstone and while it is slightly trickier to always find the vegan friendly and gluten free offerings, they are there.


For my daily makeup, I knew I wouldn’t need a lot, making the most of the opportunity for my skin to have a makeup free weekend except for some light eye makeup and some light bronzer and blush, also ensuring I covered my face in a layer of SPF. And also let’s be honest, trying to do makeup in a tent in potentially crap weather conditions is no one’s idea of fun.

British Grand Prix -makeup I wore

Barry M eyeshadow

I picked up the Neutrogena Ultra-sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen in the USA last year during my Trek America trip (read my diary here), and while I am sure it does make my eyes water a little bit, I do otherwise really like this product.

What I have recently realised, is that nearly all my eyeshadow products are within palettes which is for the most part ideal for travel, but camping not so much; I am really lacking individual pans of colour but specifically pastel/summery shades. However, at last year’s Clothes Show (review here) I purchased a goody bag from Barry M and within that bag was a couple of small pans, one of which was the shade shade number 9, Ombrés á paupieres –a beautiful warm toned gold shimmer, which until this weekend I hadn’t yet tried out. Paired with my staple Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner and Nars mascara which I received in last year’s special Nars Glossy Box (here), the overall look was simple but pretty. To complete my face, I used a basic brown eyeshadow for my brows, and the Too Faced Leopard Pink Bronzer (review here).


On a skincare front, I was in a bit of a predicament with exactly how much I would be able to do and to be honest, I didn’t intend on wearing much makeup. I don’t use face wipes in my daily routine but I had heard some people raving about the face wipes from Simple. I purchased a pack for the weekend, not particularly with a view or expectation that they would be anything special, but I’ve got to say these were brilliant! Great for cleansing and fabulous for removing makeup so I would thoroughly recommend Simple face wipes for on-the-go makeup removal.

Simple Face Wipes


Fundamentally, the easiest way for me to describe going to the British Grand Prix is like going to a festival –you have your main event or element you go for (in this case the racing), but around the track you have a million ice cream vans, food suppliers and places to buy alcohol. There is a real mix of the type of people and families who attend and throughout the three-four days you’re there, you spend your time wondering around absorbing the atmosphere. Both Ian and I thoroughly loved the weekend and the overall experience, having now a real appreciation of Formula One. We would definitely go again but what determines this as ever is time and circumstances.

Have you guys ever been to the British Grand Prix? Are you team Hamilton or team Button?

Next week I will be posting about my weekend in outfits so make sure you check back then and see in better detail, what I wore each day to the British Grand Prix.

Until next time x


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