What I Got for Christmas

Hey Sweeties,

I am back at home now and this means that Christmas is over and the New Year on the horizon (which is imminent by the way as the sun is already on it’s decent into 2015!).

Of course I have already hit the sales and you’ll be seeing these purchases in a rather exciting haul post tomorrow on here (and maybe somewhere else -hint hint!) but for now, I thought I would share with you a couple of things I got bought for Christmas. FYI, this is by no means a brag post, this is a “hey friend, did you get anything nice” kind of post because we’re all friends aren’t we and friends like to share…

As I mentioned a couple of times during Blogmas, my family don’t really do presents (at Christmas) anymore but my Mum went to NYC in November with my brother and she came back with a couple of beauty bits for me which I got while I was in Devon. I had sent her off with a list to guide her beauty purchasing but unfortunately New York City despite having a whole host of stores, didn’t deliver. For instance, I was surprised that Mum couldn’t get hold of the Lorac Pro Palette without venturing all the way out to Queens… However here is what she did pick up:

Too Faced Pink Leopard

Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer

This is gorgeous and not something I have found/seen in the UK. I have been keen to purchase Too Faced’s Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush (which can be bought in the UK) but I have also been keen to get my hands on this particular product, primarily because it looks so damn cute!

The product is packaged in a fun, really pretty gold plastic compact which has a large mirror inside of the lid and although I have yet to swirl my brush through the product, I can tell you it’s brilliantly pigmented. I am most likely to use this as a blusher but over the summer I am sure I will make use of a fuller sweep to achieveĀ an all over glow before the sun does.

Smashbox Color and Contour

Smashbox Color and Contour Master Class Palette

This is the Lorac Pro Palette alternative my Mum was pointed towards when in store and what an alternative it is! Regular readers will be aware on my recent interest and investment into the Smashbox brand and this tops everything I have got and tried so far!

The two palettes are presented in a solid book like case which opens out to reveal the palettes. One they say is for colour and the other for sculpting/contouring; this is an incredible set and one that cannot not be reviewed more thoroughly on its own in the near future so stay tuned!

Well done Mumma!

From Ian I received several things; an ottoman for my dressing table which will act as both a seat and as storage; tickets for the Euro 2015 (mens) Hockey Championships which take place in August; and this…

Lee Stafford Waving Wand

Lee Stafford Grooved Waving Wand

Although I haven’t talked too much about my hair on here, I think we all know I have long hair but fundamentally I -like so many others- fail to know really what to do with it. I asked for this particular wand because I have seen others use it as well as other Lee Stafford products and it won’t break the bank, particularly as at this moment in time, I don’t know how often I’ll use it. Whether this grooved wand will be better over other barrel hair curlers we will simply have to wait and see but I am excited to give it a go and experiment with some new looks.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and got some lovely presents too!

Until next time x


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