What I am Giving up for Lent


Hey Sweeties,

Some years I commit to going without something and other years I don’t. Lent for me –although I am a Christian- is not for religious purposes. A bit like committing yourself to a particular diet, for a set amount of time you are putting yourself under a kind of control which from time to time is actually quite healthy to do and it’s for that purpose that this year I feel I would benefit from observing Lent.

So what am I giving up?

This year I am giving up the purchasing of beauty products. Yes, you heard me right, for 40 days/six weeks I am going to refrain myself from buying anything beauty which essentially means Boots and Superdrug are absolutely out of bounds until Easter!


Well, I don’t go crazy in a month and I think I spend perfectly within my limits but what I do know is that I am probably buying more than I actually need. Beauty is a difficult area because I buy to collect, I buy to try out new things but my biggest concern, is that I find myself buying for the sake of having content for the blog. At the moment, I have plenty of products (that I have bought) to review for my Tuesday posts and do things with but I am also starting to want to start doing other things with my beauty posts, not just reviews all the time. So by restricting my purchasing –albeit for a month or so- will essentially free up some posts later down the line.

I did consider giving up purchasing anything (i.e. the whole act of shopping) during lent but I think by just giving up beauty, I reckon will free up between £30-50 which will allow me to purchase that new dress or top I have been eying up or some more stuff for the house; stuff that actually my money would be better spent on. I also need to start putting money aside for my Trek America trip in October, so that I can go out there and be able to do all the additional activities I want to do and not have to budget too harshly.

Lately I have just found I have forgotten what it’s like to wait for something, preferring to buy now rather than wait. Last year was really good on the basis that I began saving £2 coins which allowed me to purchase the majority of my new camera in January rather than forking out for it upfront. Watching YouTube videos and reading blogs are terrible for creating that sudden want for something, not just beauty items but everything.

Beauty aside, the exercise of Lent will have psychological wonders on the mind. When you put yourself under a level of control, you train the brain to think differently. It’s like when I mentioned a little while back during my most recent fitness post (here) that a couple of summers ago I realised I needed to shed some weight and the only way I could do this successfully (and quickly) was to put myself on a short term shake based diet. Something that completely altered my routine for a couple of months that once completed, allowed me to keep to a healthier lifestyle. Applying that theory to (beauty) purchasing, like I said earlier I do buy to collect as much as anything but I need to just be a bit more sensible and I think Lent this year will help with that.

What are you guys giving up this year?

Until next time x


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