What I Got for my Birthday

Hey Sweeties,

These sort of posts are difficult to write as while I am kind of showing off a couple of new things, I am not deliberately bragging and I by no means hope that what follows is interpreted that way. In the same way as I show off a recent beauty or fashion haul, I kinda’ really want to show you two really special things that I got for my birthday that are just too beautiful and pretty to keep to myself.

So basically, last weekend was my birthday and for those asking, I am now the grand age of 28 years old with 30 now firmly on the horizon (Eek!). For the first time in several years, the day was spent with family which was lovely.


Unlike when you are younger where you take full opportunity to cram birthday and Christmas lists with gift suggestions, as you get older you either don’t make them at all, or you ask for something very specific. Everyone reaches that point where you are in charge of your own money and life, and thus generally buy everything you need and want yourself. That being said, sometimes you see something that you think, yes I could buy myself, but I would appreciate it so much more as a gift… and this is exactly the case with the new Pandora Rose charm bracelet.

Pandora Rose charm bracelet

As soon as I was aware of the release, I knew that it would be the perfect gift from Ian and going forward, it means the bracelet can be added to with new charms when Christmas, birthday’s and other special occasions take place. 

From my parents, they had already very kindly purchased for me a holdall from Roxy for my Trek America trip taking place in October so you can imagine my total surprise when I got presented with this… the new Urban Decay Smoky palette!!

Urban Decay naked Smoky

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

My parents, particularly my Dad who apparently queued up at 9AM to ensure he got one, have earned themselves some serious parent points. I didn’t even ask, let alone even mention this palette to them and yet they had the foresight to know that this would totally make my day. Be assured that this palette will be reviewed in full for you in the coming weeks!

Any of you had birthday’s recently?

Until next time x



  1. bethanysuthers 17th August 2015 / 7:52 pm

    Your parents REALLY know you, my dad wouldn’t have a clue! You’re so lucky. I love your pandora bracelet, it’s beaut 🙂 Could you maybe have a gander at my blog? I’m a newbie to blogging so it would mean a lot if you had a look! https://thatsutherskid.wordpress.com/

  2. katyayanishukla 15th August 2015 / 3:41 pm

    love that bracelet from Pandora… my birthday is in March but I can start making a wishlist… 🙂

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