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Hey Sweeties,

While trying to think up this week’s post –which often proves a challenge- I was trying to think up an angle on which to discuss female success but equally conscious that while I am feeling somewhat frustrated today and not wanting to write up a rant, cue The Daily Mail (Mail Online) for providing me some material.

Eating cake, flirting with strangers and dodging a parking ticket: The little things that REALLY make modern women feel alive (article here).

“Getting a freebie, winning an argument with customer services and flirting with a stranger are the things that make a modern woman’s day, a new study has revealed.

Dodging a parking ticket and eating cake also make the top 20 list of things that make women feel alive.

The study also reveals that today’s women even admit getting a buzz when they break the law.

Five per cent of ladies say complaining to customer services and winning the argument gives gets them excited most.

In fact, the research found ladies get a kick from everything naughty-but-nice.

One per cent confesses to a thrill from breaking the law – or avoiding a parking ticket.

And indulging in a tasty cake gets eight per cent excited.”

This ‘study’ has been carried out by brand, Nature’s Way Alive! And I couldn’t be dying more inside knowing that a) this is considered news B) this is actually considered a study and C) women actually gave these as answers.

Of course it’s a thrill breaking the law, that’s why so many do it and why most are now in jail. Free stuff is great as is winning an argument; does it make my day though? No. Does it make me excited? Oh please. Do I get excited eating cake? Really? Who are these 8% of women?!

The only thing the Mail Online is good for is providing that lunchtime celebrity gossip quick fix but for everything else, it is terrible. Like, really terrible. Poorly written, crap basically. But let’s not get personal. It’s common knowledge that The Daily Mail is pretty disapproving of female success but content like this really takes the piss. I mean, why even write it?

Personal situations aside, the modern woman does have a lot to be thankful for and although I wouldn’t count eating cake as exciting, life for the modern woman arguably is more exciting than those of previous generations. Feminism continues to fight for equal opportunities and women around the world are fighting for a better quality of life and we should all be behind this.

For me –a modern woman- although I wouldn’t say I am in a totally happy place right now, particularly while I sit in limbo working out and waiting for my next career opportunity that is frustrating at the best of times, what makes me happy (and alive) is knowing that the modern woman can have a career. Of course to have a career we have to become skilled at juggling -family commitments to name just one but that’s just how it is and for the most part, we manage because that’s how brilliant we are.

Ask me in a few years’ time what makes me happy and my list will undoubtedly involve being married and my children (because modern feminism allows for those things). But my list now for what makes me happy and alive are (in no particular order):

  • My boyfriend/being in a relationship
  • Our house
  • Having a job that allows me financial independence (or what’s left after all the bills at least)
  • My family
  • My friends
  • …And lots of other things because although I am not really an advocate for ‘having it all’ (why would we need everything?), us modern women actually do have a lot of opportunity to find happiness in a combination of mind, body and materialism.

What makes you happy?

Until next time x


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