What’s in my Gym Bag?

Hey Sweeties,

As you know recently I have rejoined the gym so I thought today would be a good opportunity to show you what is in my gym bag!

What's in my Gym bag

1. The BagĀ 

Bought cheaply from Sports Direct, this bag from Lonsdale (London) is ideal and fits everything I need in perfectly with plenty of room to spare. In a traditional holdall style, there is one main zipped compartment and a smaller zipped pocket on the outside of the bag at one of the ends. It has handles as well as a longer strapped handle to wear the bag over my shoulder.

2. Towel

If I am planning to shower at the gym afterwards, I’ll carry two towels with me but mostly I just have this small hand towel that follows me around as I work out, absorbing my sweat -lush!

3. Deodorant

Essential for all gym bags, deodorant! I love this one from Nivea which I also have in travel size for my handbag (here).

4. Padlock

At my gym if you want to use a locker, you need to provide your own padlock. I bought this one from Tesco but you can buy these pretty much anywhere.

5. Boots Juicy Mango Body Spray

So much easier to carry around instead of a glass bottle of fragrance, this is great for a pre and post work out spritz. I would prefer something fresher than mango but it’s much better than the vanilla option -can you guys recommend another product of this type?

6. Face Wipes

I abandoned using face wipes early last year following a better education and appreciation for skin care. However, if I am heading straight to the gym after work, these are great for removing makeup before I do a full facial cleanse later in the evening at home. Also, after a particularly sweaty work out, they are great for a quick bit of freshness if I am not showering there.

FYI, I don’t wear makeup while I work out, even if I am just doing a yoga class where I don’t get particularly sweaty; I just don’t like having to worry about mascara running or my foundation getting patchy. I respect some for needing a bit of makeup for confidence but I fortunately have no worries about not looking particularly attractive. Same when I play hockey -both at training & in matches.

7. Shower Gel

I don’t often stay behind to shower at the gym but I always have this with me in case I decide to. This is one from The Body Shop

8. Tissues

Just because.

9. Body butter

Again from The Body Shop, I have this with me because I don’t know about you, but once I’ve cooled down after a hard session, my skin gets horribly tight and stingy; it screams for moisturiser! This simply does the job as a temporary measure.

10. Hair clip

Does this need an explanation. Really?


The Crow

What are your gym bag essentials?

Until next time x


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