Who is Zoella Sugg?

Hey Sweeties,

If you’ve clicked on this post with a genuine curiosity of who is Zoe Sugg, as in you have absolutely no idea who she is then I have to ask where you have been, particularly over the last year?! I mean seriously, where have you been?

*Right now in my head I have the Mean Girls clip where they question how you would describe Regina George*

Zoe Sugg. How would I even begin to describe Zoe Sugg?

“Zoe Sugg is flawless”

“I hear her hair is insured for $10,000”

“I heard she does car commercials… in Japan”

“One time, she punched me in the face… it was awesome”


I discovered Zoe by accident but seemingly right on the pinnacle of her name getting exploded across magazines and the media. For a while I was watching Lo Bosworth on YouTube (remember her from The Hills?) and one day I just happened to see Zoe in the list of suggestions YouTube thought I would be interested to watch based on my viewing to date. So I clicked on her ‘My Everyday Makeup Routine‘ video, then I watched a few other of her videos, and it slowly dawned on me that this girl was quite well known and I have been addicted to her channel ever since. What also dawned on me is that her and I lived in Bath at exactly the same time but because I was so engrossed in my degree, I failed to notice her on YouTube so would have failed to notice her out and about in town. Crazy!

At the time of writing, this morning it was announced that she had hit 6,000,000 followers. Six. Million. Followers. Wow! Just going to let that sink in for a moment…

Tomorrow (Thursday) is also the much anticipated launch of her Zoella Beauty range which I can only predict 6 million+ people are itching to see what that involves. As an early guess, I think it will involve lipstick… maybe a perfume but we’ll all have to be very patient little bunnies and wait and see. She also has her first book, ‘Girl Online‘ being published in November and I am sure many other things thereafter.

For me, what I love about Zoe, is that she is totally home grown and self made. She has become famous doing what she loves. Now of course, she is an advertisers dream as her following is now so lucrative that anything Zoe says, goes. For brands she is gold.  But unlike celebrities whereby you know they have a PR machine behind them and much of what they say has been paid for, with Zoe, you believe what she has to say but probably more importantly, you want to listen, and that is the golden attribute she controls. She recommends a beauty/skin or hair product, chances are, you’re going to go and buy it… I know I have! As they all say, she is the big sister you never had and I for one don’t have a (big) sister or a close group of girlfriends so of course to me, her opinion matters and I listen to her as I would any friend.

For me, she is refreshing and it’s about time youngsters had someone proper to look up to. I don’t hate celebrities but when you weigh them up, most celebrities, certainly the ones around at the moment, do not make the greatest of role models. Take Miley, admittedly she is doing everything at the moment to shake off her Hannah Montana image which I think she has safely done, she has taken all her young fans with her. Not that this is wrong, my point is that celebrities -like Miley- go through phases, some good, some bad and the fans go along for the ride, often jumping onto a similar bandwagon. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that because that’s all part of growing up. When I was a teen I went through a hippie phase, a goth phase, a little bit of a skater girl phase and then I discovered Lindsay Lohan and got into fashion trying to copy her style. It’s normal, popular culture dictates many a teenagers’ life. But for someone like Zoella, I get the impression that she is who she is and she is unlikely to suddenly go wild and flash her knickers to the paparazzi. If I was 15 and found someone like Zoe to follow, it would have been a dream and totally the person I would look to for guidance as I navigated my way through my late teen years. It’s unfortunate I discovered her when I was 26 but better late than never I guess.

So yeah, if you clicked into this post not having a clue who Zoe (Zoella) Sugg is and you’ve made it this far, why are you still here? You need to be getting on YouTube and subscribing to her channel… now! And for those of us who do know her… let’s all get excited about tomorrow!!

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