Why So Anti? The Confessions of a Grumpy Almost Thirty Year-Old

Hey Sweeties,

You know the more something is hyped up, the more some people retreat back from it? This is me. Lately I have come to realise that I have gotten used to being so anti things, I have almost actually prevented myself from enjoying anything, isn’t that crazy? But it’s true, it’s an historic trait in me, and I hate myself a little bit for it because it’s just so unnecessary. So today my Sweeties, in a bid to be better and less anti like, I am confessing my most recent sins in hope of forgiveness. Here goes:

Autumn –I frickin’ love autumn, I think everyone in the UK does; I love the changing colours of the trees; dry, crisp leaves on the floor; and the opportunity to wrap up warm; but from about mid-august it felt like everyone (by everyone I mean mostly bloggers -sorry guys, but you know it’s true!), suddenly got bored of the heat and the sun and it was time to start dreaming about chunky knits, boots, berry lips and such like which quite frankly, pissed me off. I love summer, I love the sun, I love the long days that end late into the evening; for my general upbeatness, I need days like this, so I just cannot understand why everyone gets so caught up in the romanticism of autumn and wishes summer away. Autumn is a beautiful season, sure, but let’s just calm down okay and enjoy the moment we’re in.

Action: As we’re now in autumn, let’s go for it! Cue all the autumness!



Halloween – I just don’t get it, I’m sorry, I don’t. I love seeing all the incredible makeup looks people create at this time of year -sugar skulls, skeletons and the like- and post to Instagram, and I think it’s fun to dress up, and in the past I have painted my face in anticipation of visitors to my door (which I seldom get), and carve a pumpkin or two for the fun of it… but if I’m honest, it’s a lot of effort for something that not everyone loves. On Twitter I saw a few tweets saying that anyone who doesn’t answer the door to the children trick or treating are mean which is ridiculous. I think it’s worth remembering in the UK, answering your door to people in some areas does bring on fear and anxiety to people, and I don’t really want strangers rocking up at my house (expecting sweets) unless you’re really familiar with your neighbours and local community. I was in Asda on the 31st and as the last of the Halloween outfits and accessories were being taken off the shelves, they were being immediately replaced by Christmas stuff which for me, only supports the fact that in this country, Halloween is just another consumerist opportunity which we’re playing sucker too.

Action: Regardless to how much Zoella loves it, leave this ‘holiday’ to our American friends across the pond.


Christmas –For me this begins with the Christmas ads that hit our screens early November and no sooner has the first ad been seen, so has all the tweets about people bawling at the John Lewis advert. Mostly I hate Christmas because of John Lewis now I think. Before ClaireySweetie, I wrote a blog on advertising (which I really should ignite again), because I love advertising and I love how brands interpret briefs and market their products etc. but the mass hysteria about Christmas advertising has repelled me so now I just dread it rather than look forward to it, and don’t get me started on how it seems to start earlier and earlier each year. I’ve said it a million times already but I really hope John Lewis have done something different this year and not gone for the soppy, pathetic, tear jerking excuse of an advert like they have done for the last few years running. I also hope more people grow a pair and learn to resist the need to sob at an advert fundamentally about consumerism rather than issues that actually matter (cue Cancer Research’s ad circa 2011 that used real people, real stories and properly made you cry!).

Action: Despite my annoyance with John Lewis, I promise to still allow myself to get into the Christmas spirit earlier and more joyfully this year, (she says, already prepping posts for Blogmas)!




What I am wearing: Black leggings – River Island; White trainers – Asda; Cream knit jumper – Boohoo via ASOS; Scarf – River Island (old); Bag – Mango. See my recent Autumn Haul post here

Phew! So I feel a real weight of grumpiness has lifted from my shoulders!

What do you find yourself really unnecessarily anti about?

Until next time x



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