My Work Style| Weekly Workwear Highlight

Weekly workwear highlight

Hey Sweeties,

Friday again already -man these weeks fly by!

Being Friday also means I have my workwear pick of the week to show you -yes, the work lift has been used once more for a quick between floors photoshoot! How boring were lifts with huge mirrors before selfies existed eh?!

Workwear outfit

Work wear outfit

The commute look!

Cardigan: New Look

Heart pattened shirt: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Primark

Boots: Oasis

Scarf: River Island

Coat: New Look


What are you all up to this weekend, any of you ‘celebrating’ Valentine’s Day? Of course you shouldn’t declare your love for your partner on just one -highly commercialised-┬áday of the year but hey, it’s a good excuse to be extra lovey! Ian a few weeks ago told me to keep the day free, I have no idea what we’re doing but he has something planned that until Saturday morning will remain a total surprise to me. A nightmare for outfit planning but I’m so excited! Eek!

Until next time x


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