YouTube & People that think they know Better

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Today’s post might turn into a bit of a rant as this particular subject has been bubbling away within me for a while; it’s people that think they know better.

In life, there will always be people that know more than you do, always but unless you directly interact with them, you don’t always know who they are and their knowledge isn’t always perceieved by you and others negatively. For whatever reason, they just have a more in depth knowledge of something which is totally fine and for the most part it comes down to a person’s experience. However, for the purposes of this discussion I am focussing on the realm of social media, almost specifically YouTube but I am also seeing this issue cropping up more and more on Instagram as well. Basically, any platform that users can comment on videos, pictures and posts freely but where they do not know the originator of the content personally.

I love that social media creates these new communities of virtual friendships but in equal measure, it brings vast quantities of hate. Trolling is a blog post in itself and not something I am going into now (if at all), but my concern here are comments that are (probably) meant well but cross the line into rude and personal. Admittedly, anyone that creates content -myself included- rightly or wrongly opens themselves up for criticism, both good and bad. If it’s constructive, it’s welcome and just like at work, you learn from it and it helps shape future output. Fortunately however, a blog like this one doesn’t encourage much negativity… or not yet anyway.

Like many of you probably reading this, I subscribe to quite a long list of YouTube channels, no doubt the same ones as you. I don’t comment on the videos but I will often scroll through to see what others have put. Mostly it’s lots of “I love you’s” if it’s the likes of Zoella, Tanya Burr etc. but every now and again you’ll get the odd comment that seems to cut through the charm and gets personal. For the most part it amuses me that some people have the audacity to feel they know better and try to assert it but what’s concerning is when those comments concern that creator’s appearance and/or life which for the commentor, is none of their business.

For example, a few weeks ago, I was watching one of Lily Pebbles’ videos and a viewer made a comment about her eyebrows. This resulted in a couple of others joining in on the conversation, delighted that someone had finally commented on something apparently they all felt needed highlighing/saying. Fortunately, Lily intervened and said that actually she likes her eyebrows exactly how they are. Just writing this paragraph makes me cringe.

I know that in western society, for the most part we are blessed with freedom of speech and social media provides a great platform for this. However, I do think for some, this makes them feel like it gives them a right to be rude and provide comment on anything because they think they know better. They are not! The Lily Pebbles example was just one of many I could pull for the purpose of this post and just one of many, many genres and types of content out there for people to watch and provide opinion on.

But seriously, people need to wind their necks in and not comment on things that literally are of no business to them. How a person presents themselves on camera, writes a post, arranges a photo etc. is up to them. Just because they aren’t doing something the way you would do it, doesn’t mean it is being done wrong. By all means make a suggestion… but keep it at that.



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