Buying Houses: Dear Kirstie & Phil

Dear Kirstie and Phil,

Hi, how are you? I hope you’re both well and got some fun and exciting projects happening this year. How are the kids?

As you know, Ian and I are trying to buy a house but it’s not going very well, we’re not having much luck. We sit on Rightmove day in day out and view anything and everything that has even the most minor glimpses of potential and we’ve now offered on four properties with no success. We offer at pretty much asking price but mostly sellers are pushing their luck. Just because suddenly everyone is in a position to buy thanks to the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, they think they can up the value of their houses willy nilly.

Boyfriend and I are all set to go –we have a perfectly decent mortgage in principle all prepared, we will complete on the flat in a matter of weeks and then we’ll be renting with no commitments thereafter. What more can we do? We’re a very open minded couple with what we are willing and have viewed and can quite easily see beyond someone’s atrocious choice of decoration so we’re not in the least picky or demanding like I would say at least half of your clients on your popular channel 4 programme are.

It’s impossible to fall in love with a house anymore; it’s a full on heart break every time we get rejected so we’re now numb to the process which is a shame. Buying your first house is supposed to be an incredibly exciting time but it’s not.

So I was wondering how you can help? I mean, there must be something we’re doing wrong to keep being turned down like this? On your popular Channel 4 programme, you show your clients around houses, get them to choose the one they like, then you all sit down to a coffee/pint/glass of wine and the deal is done there and then. Do Estate Agents behave differently with you? I would love to know the secret.

So anyway, yeah.

Love to everyone.



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