You Can’t Define Feminism (as an Emoji)

Feminism as an emoji

Hey Sweeties,

Until I went to University, my awareness and knowledge of feminism was quite limited, I was only really aware of the suffragettes and the whole bra burning thing. So it wasn’t until I was 22-23 years old and studying for my degree that I learnt that feminism transformed (& dare I say progressed) in waves. But regular readers will be very well versed in my views and ideas on feminism and the movement we’re currently experiencing so I won’t repeat myself.

I have also touched upon my (male) colleagues at work who wind me up endlessly on things re feminism and their favourite topic is Caitlyn Jenner (here). However, while I participate in endless banter, despite my concerns that they assumed feminists to be one thing, they do acknowledge that feminism has moved on but to define it, or a feminist specifically, is hard.

In a separate discussion, one of my colleagues asked if I use emoji’s in blog posts and I said I didn’t –both in this one (except the occasional smiley face) and the blog I manage at work. Somehow he then asked me what emoji I would use for feminism and I said (again) that you can’t define feminism (& feminists) as one thing, hence how the idea for this post was sparked. And you can’t, can you? Feminism cannot be defined in any one emoji I have yet seen –now there’s a challenge if there ever was one!

Emoji’s aside, but keeping on the topic of the F-word, a week or two ago I read an article about how if women use the term ‘lovely’ and put x at the end of emails, we’re questioning our loyalty to feminism which is OUTRAGEOUS; language does not determine how feminist you are! I call you all ‘Sweeties’ within my posts, does that make me less of a feminist? Do I offend you all? Do you think less of me? I also sign off my posts with an ‘x’…again, does that change things and make you reinterpret what I say? For the record, I use ‘sweeties’ & sign off with a ‘x’ because I see it as a friendly kind of affection that I can easily spread and without knowing most of you on a personal level, I still want to talk to you with the same warmth as I would my closest friends. So we’re cool, right?

Anyway, some more food for thought and I would love to hear your opinions on the above; maybe you even have the ultimate feminist emoji?

Have a great week, lovelies 😉

Until next time x


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