COLAB Dry Shampoo Review

COLAB Dry Shampoo

Hey Sweeties,

You’ll remember I bought this product as part of my Feel haul a couple of weeks ago and now I have had a chance to use it, I can tell you all what I think. So let’s do this!

First let’s start with the basics, the only other dry shampoo I have tried is from Baptiste and although others are of course available, I have just been too lazy I guess to seek them out. However, the dry shampoo market still has plenty of room for newcomers as there will always be a demand for this type of product and people always love options. For me, being a brunette, the one most annoying thing about using dry shampoo is the white powdery residue that despite tirelessly massaging in upon application, you can never be quite sure you’ve got it all which for times you’re in a rush, this isn’t good. So for me it’s great that finally, FINALLY someone has done something about this clear flaw and yet very obvious aspect to alter… let’s all take a moment to applaud Ruth Crilly/A Model Recommends!

COLAB London

There are four scents available –London, Rio, Tokyo and New York and I’ll be honest, I took a gamble and went outright for London based solely on hearing that this is a favourite with others so I figured I probably wouldn’t be going wrong by following the recommendation. It’s also got to be said that although scent is important here (great smelling hair is a joy to behold after all), I am more concerned with the outcome -something to cure my greasy limp hair before I can sink it under the shower which ultimately translates to needing a quick fix for when I am on the go. For those curious little bunnies, London is described as the ‘classic’ fragrance and I am so thankful it goes into detail on the bottle as no matter how many times I take a sniff, describing to you exactly what the London fragrance is will take me forever and quite honestly, neither you or me have that kind of time. London is ‘a contemporary fragrance of bergamot, musk and magnolia’. 

The packaging is clean, simple and compact with a slight texture to the bottle which gives it that extra something something and it also comes in a handy travel size for those quite literally on the go. At the moment, I don’t go anywhere so full sized products (of anything) are fine with me for now.

Overall I am really impressed with the product; for £3.50 (200ml) you can’t go wrong. I am most definitely converted to the COLAB brand and will be keen to see if anything more gets added to the range in the near future.

A big Sweetie thumbs up!

Until next time x


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