My Weekend with The Design Studio

The Design Studio Hey Sweeties,

So last weekend Mum and I braved the traffic and ventured all the way up to Chester as it was my Godmother’s daughter’s big 21st birthday (Happy Birthday @LetPatt)! I haven’t seen Lettie since she was a wee 5-6 year old (do the maths) so I have been so excited to finally see and meet her in the flesh rather than across the channels of social media! I also of course haven’t seen my Godmother, Sally in probably as many years so this really was a long awaited and vastly overdue visit!

We travelled up early Saturday morning arriving around lunchtime and spent the afternoon helping out with party preparations and catching up with news etc. Although social media kind of feels like it’s too much in my face sometimes, without it and there would be so many people from past schools (yes, schools –I went to 5!) that I wouldn’t be in contact with that although I haven’t seen for twenty odd years, feel like I see them often. I didn’t go to school with Lettie (obviously) but without connecting on Facebook a couple of years ago I would know literally nothing about her and her me. The fact that we hadn’t actually met until last weekend is irrelevant.

Lettie and Me Sunday was the day of the party and it was a great day… dare I say the best part being the bouncy castle?! I don’t excuse what you are about to see…




Suki Waterhouse Loves The Design Studio

Now, I don’t know if any of you guys happen to follow Suki Waterhouse on Instagram but recently she posted a photo of her wearing a pink bomber jacket… Suki Waterhouse

You’ll also have noticed that she thanks @thedesignstudiohawarden for supplying the bomber. Well, here’s some news for you Sweeties, The Design Studio are non-other than Sally and Lettie! Yes really! These two have been catching the beady fashion eye of several key industry peeps and publications of late and rightly so! While I was at TDS HQ -big 21st birthday aside- I made sure I took the opportunity to see the bombers myself. Interrupting Lettie while she was trying to get ready for her birthday (bless her!), I was taken upstairs to a hidden away part of the house and shown the jackets, most of which had been ordered and were ready for shipping.

TDS Bomber jackets TDS Bomber Jacket TDS Bomber Jackets

TDS Bomber Jacket

My Favourite of them all!

As you can see, they are made in a selection of materials and colours and as Lettie so beautifully models, they are a combination of chunky and oversized which for the autumn-winter months couldn’t be more ideal. For me, I fell in love with the pink and black bomber as seen above; it’s just stunning!

Sally also creates these amazing bookbags which are literally how they sound -bags made out of the hardback spine of books! The picture below shows Lettie with her brand new Chanel bookbag!

TDS Book Bag TDS Book Bag If you’re looking for something a bit different, I would seriously take a gander over on The Design Studio website but more so, give them a follow on Instagram which is where Lettie shares their latest creations. I defy you to resist a purchase!

TDS Instagram

Until next time x

Bouncy Castle



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