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As I am in my late twenties with thirty on the horizon but still a good couple of years away, I acknowledge that I need to begin upping my skincare, particularly when I cross that next significant milestone. At the moment I would say my skin is fairly good and needs little maintenance but certainly cheap(er) products, although still perfectly decent, will eventually not be enough and I should start investing more heavily in quality products.

With this in mind, I thought it was about time I gave you some long overdue feedback on the Elizabeth Arden intervene serum I purchased from TK MAXX (quite spontaneously) a few months ago (here).

Before using this particular serum, I was using a Clinique sample I got from Instyle magazine and loved it (here), but the hefty price tag while no doubt worth it, is still more than I am looking to pay for a product at this time of my life. Do ask me again though when I am mid-thirties!

Elizabeth Arden Serum

So, what do I think of this serum from Elizabeth Arden that claims to tighten and improve radiance? While I don’t have skin yet showing signs of sagging or aging, I feel I am still trying my luck by being ahead of science because after all, it is only time! So even though tightening effects are still a bit lost on me, I appreciate that I am taking care of myself in this way. As for radiance, again I think this is hard to properly measure, particularly as we’re just coming out of the summer months and heading into autumn. That being said, I do still that my face is really appreciating me having a proper skincare routine in the mornings where I cleanse, apply serum, moisturiser and primer before makeup. I think that alone has vastly improved my complexion.

Secondly I really like the packaging. Visually it’s nothing to get excited about but the bottle has a good strong pump which makes product distribution a breeze, and it’s just the one pump needed to adequately apply enough onto my face.

In regards to the product itself, it is slightly runnier in consistency than the Clinique serum but this doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of using it.

Would I purchase it again? If I was to see it again discounted in somewhere like TK MAXX, yes I think I would as currently I have no real complaints and in my mind, it comfortably holds its position in my skincare routine so until I try something really super duper wow, this stays.

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