Hey, it’s Okay: The Christmas Edition – 5 Un-Festive Thoughts it’s Okay to Feel | Blogmas Day 9

Hey Sweeties,

When I say, “5 un-festive thoughts to feel” to be sure, this isn’t me going against my promise of being more festive and excited for Christmas this year (see my post, why so anti), I totally am but I think there are a few assumptions about this time of year, that some people are too afraid to go against and think differently about. It’s a bit like my feelings towards autumn, it’s a very pretty season but I hate that it gets dark at like, 4pm. Christmas is the same, I love how it brings people together, but I hate the pressure to spend and be extravagant. You guys know how I like to keep things real around here and cut through the fluff so here goes –

Festive M&S Christmas jumper

To feel it unnecessary to buy gifts for the sake of it –buy spontaneously throughout the year instead-

Christmas isn’t all about gifts, but it’s easy to forget this when you’re out shopping getting stressed about what you could possibly get for your brother’s girlfriend’s cousin twice removed who you never EVER see! As you get older, time with family is the most priceless and important thing Christmas brings so concentrate on having a really enjoyable day with good food and conversation.

To opt out of the annual post lunch game of Trivial Pursuit-

Worst. Game. Ever.

Festive M&S Christmas jumper

Christmas Jumper from Marks & Spencer

To buy all of your gifts in January – 

Seriously, do. If you are going to splurge (& it’s okay to do so if it’s important to you), write out some IOU’s in a card to your loved ones so they still have something to open on the day, and purchase presents in the sales after Christmas; it’s cheaper and allows for that festive feeling to last a little longer. My husband and I have already agreed that we are not allowed to buy each other anything before Christmas; we’ll dedicate a day to spend together hitting the shops after Christmas Day. It’s totally not about being a cheapskate, I for one can no longer stomach buying things that get slashed in price a few days or weeks later and it often means you get more for your money.

Festive M&S Christmas jumper


I know in the past, in my efforts to not put on weight or give in to treats, I have missed out on enjoying Christmas for what it’s really all about –food! That tin of Quality Street doing the rounds in the office? Take two! More than one chocolate filled advent calendar? Do it! Mince pies? YES! … I mean, don’t go mad but life is far too short to deny yourself treats when it counts; January is all about hitting the gym hard and you’ll see better results if you actually have something to work off!

And finally…

Festive M&S Christmas jumper

Therapy handbag Purse

Handbag purse from Therapy @ House of Fraser

To ask yourself if all this festivity is a lot of effort for something that goes by so quickly –

It is, but if being festive, decorating your home, making that extra effort to see friends and family, buying gifts and treating yourself to a treat or two makes you happy… then it’s 100% worth it and 100% okay!

Merry Christmas everybody!

What are some of the things about Christmas that you’re too afraid to say out loud? Come on people, it’s a safe space here 😉

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