Arriving to India and Visiting Delhi | The India Diaries Days 1-3

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Continuing with ‘My Favourites’ series running throughout July, having so far discussed my favourite shoes (here) & style icons (here). Today’ post focusses and presents itself as the ideal opportunity to finally get round to telling you about my favourite trip; travelling around some of India with Ian in 2012.

Travelling in India


Visiting India

India was one of those places I never thought I would visit and until going, it wasn’t actually on my list of must see places, but I am so glad I got the opportunity to go and I would go again in an instant! Ian and I went to India, essentially on an England cricket tour but with a few sight-seeing opportunities in between the test matches. The first week was spent going between three places before spending the second week in Mumbai and I am so thankful the tour was organised that way round, I’ll tell you why later.

Now, before we get started, an explanation of how this is going to work. Because there is so much to say, putting it all in one post might be a bit too much for one sitting although you are of course, welcome to read it all in one go. So I will publish each destination in its own post and link them all together so you can move between the posts as you read along our journey.

Ok, let’s begin! 

Delhi -days 1 & 3

Our first stop and our first insight into Indian life and culture. Upon arrival, we didn’t hang around though and headed straight to the station and took a train to Agra, which took about 3-4 hours. A note about the trains, if you find yourself in India, these are a great and inexpensive way to travel between destinations; you just have to be prepared that India is a huge country and therefore train journeys aren’t short but they are a great experience and something I would strongly encourage.

Travelling by train in India

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Following a night’s stay in Agra, we took the train back up to Delhi for another night before heading to Ahmedabad for the first test match. Arriving back into Delhi, I thought we had just got lucky with the hotel in Agra (The Retreat) but our hotel -The Goodwin- was also really nice.  We had time for a walk around the city before taking a short flight to Ahmedabad.



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  1. Indrajit Gahlot 18th August 2015 / 7:03 am

    Hi Claire,
    I initially came across your post on Mumbai and loved it. After that I decided to follow up on your posts to the other places in India. Delhi is a land of royalty and amazing cuisine. I am glad that I was able to see the city through your eyes. Continue the awesome work.

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