The Library of Fragrance – Four Leaf Clover | Review

Hey Sweeties,

So maybe a month or so ago now, I was in my local TK MAXX (as I can often be found on a weekend), and I came across some bottles of various scents from The Library of Fragrance, one of which was four leaf clover. I gave it a quick spritz on myself thinking not too much of it, but as I continued to walk around town, the scent really grew on me. Another week or two later and I came across another bottle (again in TK MAXX) and while I was prepared to buy it, the bottle was £8 and I could see that others -like me- had sprayed it so I declined. However, another couple of weeks later and I by chance saw a boxed bottle of the four leaf clover scent… and reduced in price to £6 so without hesitation, it came home with me.

The library of fragrance four leaf clover

The library of fragrance four leaf clover

The library of fragrance four leaf clover

Fragrance is such a personal thing and what works for one person, won’t necessarily work for someone else so I don’t expect you to love The Library of Fragrance’s four leaf clover scent, but I do urge you to certainly try it should you come across a bottle yourself because it might just surprise you. I am reminded here of Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg’s admittance some months back now, saying how one of her favourite Jo Malone candle scents is Tomato Plant for reasons that it was reminiscent of time in her Granddad’s greenhouse when she was younger, and also for its overall freshness. The Library of Fragrance is just the same -the four leaf clover scent transforms me somewhere, but also is just beautifully fresh and so lovely for summer.

While I could never describe specifically what a clover field smells like because I am not even sure myself to be honest, this scent is definitely like standing in a field of clover. Because it’s like nothing else in my collection of fragrances, at the moment when I wear it, it has really livened up my senses and it’s just beautiful.

Have any of you tried this particular scent? What’s the most unusual scent that you love?

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