MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick Review

Hey Sweeties,

If there is one thing I love more than a bold lip, it’s a strikingly bold dark lip and when I first clapped eyes –quite surprisingly- on MAC’s Smoked Purple Lipstick a few weeks ago, I knew it was for me.  Admittedly, it took until the following weekend to get it, but for the 6 days in between, it didn’t leave my mind.

MAC Smoked Purple and Nightmoth Lipliner

MAC Smoked Purple nightmoth lipliner

As I am sure I have mentioned before, maybe when I showed you my lipstick collection (that has since posting continued to expand –of course)? I mentioned (but it’s equally fairly clear to witness) that I so often so nearly buy identical shades of lipstick because I find myself repeatedly falling in love with them when out and about, allowing myself to carelessly browse makeup stands without any kind of self-control (or proper attention). Since this observation, I have been much better at reining in my emotions and thus, only buy lipstick when I can be sure I have nothing too similar.

As regular browsers of the sometimes chaotic, sometimes beautifully arranged lipstick stand(s) at MAC will only be too aware of, plucking out the more unique shades can be a challenge and I think this can be argued for Smoked Purple. If you like proper dark autumnal berry lips of the blackberry kind, this has to be for you, but I would also argue that against your more traditional tones, this one may demand a certain level of confidence as it is very gothic in appearance and not everyone likes that level of attention. It can also be argued that most lipsticks demand a good matching lip liner, particularly if you want and need that sharp defined edge following application, which is why I also picked up MAC’s Nightmoth lip liner.

MAC Smoked Purple lipstick

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick and Nightmoth lipliner

These two products together, are quite literally a match made in heaven and the quality of pigment of the two is fantastic, not to mention that once applied, they matte down and don’t budge for hours. As you know, I like my lip products to last which is fundamentally why I love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks (review here) so much because you can apply and forget.

As you know over the weekend was Valentine’s Day and adding MAC’s Smoked Purple and Nightmoth to my lips to complete the look, gave my outfit a new dimension. I had already used MAC’s eyeshadow shades, Cut to Fit & Sushi Flower together on my eyes, and finishing with a dark lip –while wasn’t my original intention- proved that from time to time you need to experiment with something new to see where it takes you.

MAC Smoked Purple lipstick

MAC Smoked Purple lipstick

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

Have any of you guys tried MAC’s Smoked Purple and/or Nightmoth?

Until next time x

P.S For a cheaper alternative, try Topshop’s ‘Depth’ as I would say that’s a fairly good dupe for MAC.


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