My Weekly Haircare Routine

Hey Sweeties,

A bit like finally being able to reveal to you my everyday makeup routine (here), I thought it timely to also show you my haircare routine. Note: I don’t feel I need to point out the obvious but clearly this post was created pre last weekend’s hair cut before you get confused. Despite a change in length, my haircare routine will still remain as follows, but will probably just be done in a lot less time! #shorthairperks

On avergae, I wash my hair twice a week -Sunday’s and Wednesday’s usually. Enjoy.

To begin, I wash my hair, at the moment I have been loving Dove’s Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions daily moisture shampoo and conditioner. Every couple of weeks I like to treat my hair a bit more deeply and for this I love using the Garnier Ultimate Blends conditioner range and/or an Argan Oil hydrating hair mask (when I have time).

Ultimate Blends haircare

Then, after a short while of having my hair wrapped up in a towel to absorb any excess moisture, I comb through my hair using a Tangle Teaser -discovering this was a Godsend, so brilliant for combing out any knots.

Tangle Teaser

I then apply a heat protectant, currently I use two –Vo5 Smoothly Does It Heat Defence creme which I tend to run through my hair before drying, and Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray before I use straighteners. I also apply a small amount of Argan Oil to the tips of my hair.

Heat Defence hair care

Argan oil

Argan oil Haircare routine

Where possible, I leave my hair to dry naturally or at least for as long as possible before I use my hair dryer.  I usually wash my hair in the evenings so I’ll dry my hair right before bed and I’ll straighten enough so that my hair isn’t totally uncontrollable in the morning. Then in the morning, I’ll straighten again more thoroughly and that will last until I need to wash my hair again a few days later.

Mark Hill Hair dryer

Depending on if I am putting my hair up or leaving it down, if it’s the latter, I like to add a bit of texture and volume and the two products I enjoy using for this are the L’Oreal #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray and the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray. Both very easy to use and very effective in their results upon application.

Texturising sprays

And that’s me kinda’ done!

If you guys have any haircare tips or have written similar posts yourselves, please leave the links in the comments below.

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