Oxford Christmas Market & Seeing Primal Scream | Blogmas Day 11

Hey Sweeties,

On Thursday afternoon, I had half a day’s leave booked to attend a Primal Scream gig at the O2 Academy in Oxford that evening with my husband. Rather than sit at home, we decided we would head to Oxford early to go and have a peruse around the Christmas market and Oxford itself.

Oxford Christmas Market

Oxford Christmas Market

I love Christmas markets, whether they are in the UK or abroad, especially on a dry clear evening so the colours and smells can really take hold and make for a festive atmosphere.

Oxford Christmas Market

While Oxford Christmas market isn’t maybe as big or as good as others, particularly in the UK, it’s still lovely to walk through and have a look at each stall’s offering. I particularly love the stalls that offer something unique and hand crafted, and a bit different to what you can find elsewhere.

ASOS Cat Bag

Still loving my little Cat purse/handbag from ASOS!

As mentioned above, the reason we were in Oxford was to see Primal Scream at the O2 Academy there. I’ve got to be honest, Ian (my husband) is the long-term fan, I went along for the experience (like he’ll be doing in March when we see Sum 41!). However, while I couldn’t instantly name a song they have done, I am familiar with their music when I hear it.

Well… Primal Scream were fabulous! I was particularly a little bit obsessed with Simone Marie, the bassist as she just looked so cool up there on stage. The band played for about 1 hour 15 minutes -not too long where you’re getting distracted with standing up for so long, but short enough to make you want more. The only thing I found quite strange though was when they came back on to play one final song, before leaving… they just left. In all the previous gigs and concerts I have been to, there’s been some kind of nod to the audience for attending and enjoying the night before the band and/or artist wishes them well before leaving. Primal Scream just left the stage without a word.

Oxford Christmas Market

Do you like Christmas markets? What’s the best one you have visited?

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