How I Clean my Makeup Brushes & Primark Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad Review

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Why is cleaning our makeup brushes such a chore? It’s not a difficult task, it’s just timely. For me also, I do find my brushes often need the full weekend to properly dry out so I have to clean them when I’m not up to much, or can rotate various spares. Not that long ago I showed you all my makeup brush collection (here) and I have a fair amount, probably more than I actually need but I can say the same for my makeup collection overall, ha! However, I have always cleaned my brushes using the same techniques, but recently I came across a makeup brush cleaning pad from Primark which I just had to try!

Primark makeup brush cleaner pad

Ever since I purchased my first makeup brush, I realised I needed to know how to effectively clean it, YouTube videos showed me the method, but I remember tweeting some experts for their advice who came back with baby shampoo, and I have used nothing else. Before seeking some kind of cleaner pad or mitt (I tried to get hold of the Sigma one when I was in America last year), I have always used a combination of water, baby shampoo, and my hand, to clean my brushes. For the most part, this works perfectly fine; I work the shampoo into the bristles of each brush, wet the brush, and swish the brush around in the palm of my hand to dislodge any product build up. The only brushes this method isn’t always 100% effective is with my foundation brushes, as a daily user of liquid foundation, my brushes get clogged up fairly quickly and the palm of my hand doesn’t feel enough to really get all the product out. If my brush(es) feel particularly clogged up, even after a couple of rounds of baby shampoo, I will sometimes use a conditioner (any will do) to achieve a deeper penetration of cleaning.

Primark makeup brush cleaner pad

Recently Real Techniques have released a makeup brush cleansing palette which for many has been a long time coming because like me, people need something more versatile than the palm of their hands. However, I have struggled to spend the £10-12 price tag, I don’t think it unreasonable, it’s just more than I’m looking to budget to clean my brushes. So, when I was in Primark the other day (which is actually quite rare) and I noticed this little makeup brush cleaner pad for a mere £1, I had to give it a go.

Made out of a silicon plastic, it’s quite a flimsy item with a sucker pad on the back to secure it to flat surfaces, which I’ve found quite useful. The main pad area is split into two kinds of raised, textured surfaces as you can see in the images above and below, which provides that much needed surface to dislodge product that the flat palm of a hand just cannot provide. I think for a £1, this is a cracking little makeup brush cleaner pad that would be welcome in many a makeup hoarder’s collection. If after a time you still need something stronger, then that would justify some of the more pricier pads, palettes and mitts out there on the market.

Primark makeup brush cleaner pad

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

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