Sometimes the glass half full tips

Hi Sweeties,

So, this weekend I have been on a bit of a negative downer, not because anything particularly bad has or is happening, I am just feeling a bit lost and out of control right now.
You remember a few posts ago I mentioned that Ian and I were beginning to start saving for our first house together but that also I was prepared to wait another year or two before moving, just so that saving didn’t take over our lives. Well, the situation suddenly changed a couple of weeks ago, our flat (that Ian owns with a friend) went on the market on a Thursday and by Friday lunchtime the following day had sold to the first viewer. Mental! So, we now have to move which ideally will involve buying our first place but it’s all a bit quick and feels rushed. I live by the motto that everything happens for a reason so if this is the way this next chapter of our lives is supposed to begin then so be it. I just prefer a bit more control and planning!
I am very much a glass half full kinda’ gal and generally keep a positive composure but times like this I do find myself stressing internally and feel myself about to combust. Aside from the house stuff I also find myself a little bit unfulfilled in other areas, mostly in friendships and living so far away from my family and best friend just means that I have to deal with things on my own in my head. Of course I have Ian and he is brilliant but sometimes you just need your Mum and your best friend around for a different perspective on situations.
So when I woke up this morning and saw the sun was shining and not a rain cloud in sight, I decided to take myself and my thoughts on a walk. For the full low down of my walk, read about it here on my other blog. I try to keep this (Clairey Sweetie) space light and cheerful so I felt it appropriate to post those mumblings elsewhere but to not at least give you the option of delving a little deeper into my head right now, wouldn’t be very honest of me would it?

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

On a better note, Ian and I had a really positive meeting with a Mortgage Broker last week and it turns out we can afford more than we thought and it’s a case of just waiting for the right place to come up before we take the plunge and make an offer and hope for the best. Last Christmas Ian and I said how great it would be when we can host Christmas ourselves one year, in our own house… well, it could be reality sooner than we think!

Until next time, Sweeties! x


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