Spring Haul feat. Miss Guided; Boo Hoo; Very; Miss Pap; American Eagle & Miss Selfridge

Hey Sweeties,

I feel like I haven’t done a haul post in FOREVER… that’s not to say I haven’t been haulin’ though, it means I just haven’t had the time/weather/patience/opportunity etc. to shoot everything. Normally, when I’ve fashion hauled I either photograph it on which involves standing in the garden with my camera on a tripod and the self-timer; or occasionally I have made use of the washing line (for example here). Today, I have tried something new… the fashion flat lay!

My spring haul has been building since January when I picked up a couple of bits in the sales, and then gradually over the past couple of months I have been adding to it. At the end of April I am off on honeymoon to America (so freakin’ excited!) for a couple of weeks, so I am also beginning to look at my current wardrobe and identify any gaps for warmer weather attire that I might need for my trip. So without further ado, here are some of my recent purchases –

Spring Haul

Spring Haul

Miss Pap – Hayley Grey Tokyo Print Jumper Dress 

This is the first time I have purchased from Miss Pap, and I discovered the brand after a couple of people I follow on Instagram showed off some of their own purchases (*cough* gifts). Many of the current online fashion retailers I visit have some nice stuff, but nothing really suitable for me/my age group but I loved this jumper dress as soon as I saw it. If you’re teeny tiny, you might be able to get away with wearing this jumper ‘dress’ on it’s own, but realistically it’s a oversized jumper that looks great over leggings and is so cosy and comfortable to wear.

Spring Haul

Spring Haul

Miss Guided – Cross Over Harness Slinky Pink Dress 

I love really simple pieces that work well on their own, and need little effort to look good… this is this dress. Because of it’s t-shirt style, it sits over my shoulders and chest really nicely; it’s flattering rather than hugging which is what I want. I’m really not into the plunge chest look that has covered (not literally) the fashion scene at the moment (read my further thoughts on that here), so the cross over element to this dress is a nice feature.

At the same time as ordering this dress, I ordered a pair of ‘black double zip ponte leggings’ which at the time of photographing the above, were covered in white rabbit hair… but be assured they are a fab, good quality, staple pair of leggings.

Spring Haul

Spring Haul

American Eagle

I first discovered American Eagle when I went to New York City back in 2007, and then when I went back in 2009 I saved the store until last and blew about $200. To begin with I was a little bit disappointed the brand had come over the Atlantic to the UK (because why go to America for the shopping if you can get everything here?), but then I was in the Westfield Mall in White City and remembered how great it is!

In the sale I picked up a stripey cross over back dress, a stripey (long) t-shirt and a burgundy jumper.

Spring Haul

Spring Haul

Very -Bomber jacket 

I love bomber jackets and I have found myself now with a nice collection of them. You saw me in this jacket a couple of weeks ago here.

Miss Selfridge – Faux Fur Neck Tie

For something so simple, I really like how I’ve seen people transform a coat or an outfit with a faux fur neck tie so I thought I would give it a try myself.

Spring Haul

Spring Haul

Boo Hoo -Maxi Skirt and Boutique Su Panelled Sleeveless Skater Dress 

During the warmer months, well, throughout the year actually but specifically over spring and summer, I love maxi dresses and skirts, they are so easy to wear and I love the bohemian look.

The dress is gorgeous and I thought it would be perfect to wear for some smarter summer functions, and ideal for my holiday if we go out somewhere nice in the evening.


I have some ideas about how to style some of the above items so hopefully I’ll get a chance to photograph them and get them featured on ClaireySweetie very soon.

Where is your favourite place to buy new spring/summer pieces?

Until next time x


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