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Hey Sweeties,

To kick off this month of blogging every day -which aside from being in celebration of my soon-to-be-birthday, is for no other reason than because I want to; call me crazy but I just cannot wait until Blogmas in December!- I thought we’d begin with a summer haul.

Even though much of my summer wardrobe is simply revived pieces from the year(s) previous, I do still feel the need to update and introduce some new clothing and accessories into the regular mix of items. And let’s be honest, there’s always room for a bit more when a shopping urge takes over!

I have made the following purchases across the last month or two, and a couple of the items you have already seen in recent posts on here and/or Instagram. But I thought you would still be interested in seeing a collective summer haul of everything I have recently purchased.

Summer Haul

Let’s begin with ASOS –

Girls on Film blouse in tropical print with lace trim – I wore this to the recent Bloggers Hangout Summer event (here) because it seemed to fit the ‘summer garden chic’ outfit brief perfectly. It rests about hip height which is a tad too short for me because I don’t like exposing my midriff, so I wear a long vest top underneath which adds that additional cover I need. This blouse is a total summertime hit, see it in more detail here!

Summer Haul -girls on film blouse

Only Aztec print shirt – I love pattern, particularly in the workplace as it’s an easy way to add a level of interest to an otherwise fairly plain look. This shirt caught my eye as a piece that will do well throughout the year. I have a category dedicated to dressing for work if you want to see more content around work wear (a sneaky FYI!), which you can access under ‘fashion’ on the main navigation bar above. I’ll style this piece up for you soon!

Summer haul

ASOS Swing cardigan with suede look star elbow patches – I seem to never have enough cardigans, (or jumpers for that matter) but I seem to really struggle in spending a lot for them. When I saw this one in the sale, it was exactly the style I like and I love the star patches on the elbows; I have no doubt this will be worn for years to come.

Summer haul

ASOS Seersucker button through beach dress – You’ll remember I wore this dress to the British Grand Prix recently (here) and aside from being an incredibly light, maybe-not-British-weather-practical fabric (hence it being a ‘beach dress’), I love it! It can be worn on its own, over the top of leggings, with cardigans, jumpers…

Summer haul -seersucker beach dress


New Look

Cream cotton dungaree pinafore dress – This was a bit of a scary purchase and I half expected that I would end up taking it back because I doubted if the look would be a bit young for me, or whether I could simply pull it off. As it happened, it’s turned into a really fun piece, particularly because I don’t buy into a lot of the core fashion trends. Dungarees definitely don’t suit everybody and this is why I’ve gone for a dress over shorts or trousers. I have no doubt I’ll continue to wear them throughout the coming months.

Summer Haul -pinafore dungarees

White animal print bomber jacket – For the same reason I purchased my other patterned bomber jacket earlier in the year (see that post here), is the same reason why I purchased this one… and also to reiterate my point about how much I love patterned pieces! I have a post coming really soon about my love for animal print clothing and accessories.

Summer Haul -animal print bomber jacket


Animal print long sleeved blouse – Need I explain why I purchased this blouse? I don’t think so! It’ll feature in the not-too-distant future in a work outfit post so watch this space to see how I’ll style it for the workplace.

Summer haul -animal print blouse

Necklace – My jewellery collection needs a huge update, particularly for statement pieces so adding this piece to my haul was a no brainer; I love the pop of yellow with the gold.

Summer haul -mango necklace

Zebra print leather bag – Because Zebra! An updated what’s in my bag post will be coming later this week so you can see it in more detail.

Summer haul -mango zebra print bag


What are your favourite things about summer?

Until next time x



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