Tanya Burr Lipgloss & Nail Polish Review

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It’s taken me a while but I finally found a Tanya Burr stand in my local Superdrug store a couple of weeks ago giving me the chance to purchase and try out a couple of her products. I am a big fan of Tanya’s YouTube channel so it only seemed right that I endeavor to invest in her other projects, much in the same way as I will with Zoe Sugg and her Zoella Beauty range, book etc.

Tanya Burr

The two products I purchased were the Tanya Burr lipgloss in ‘Picnic in the Park’ as she (Tanya) seems to favour this one out of them all as it often features in her videos, and I also bought ‘Penguin Chic’ from her nail polish collection solely on the basis that I am missing this sort of colour from my own collection and it looks a bit different from your normal pinks and pastels. Also, as we see in the autumn months this will more than likely be a colour I reach for over my more summery shades.

Picnic in the Park & Penguin Chic So, what do I think?

We’ll start with the lipgloss.

I actually really like this product which I think I am a little surprised about as although I have many lipglosses in my collection, I am not a huge wearer of them prefering a balm or lipstick. Why? because I often find lipglosses just too sticky and often a bit messy to apply, particularly on the go. However Tanya’s range (as I’ll daringly assume colour is the only difference between them all), really aren’t. I am not saying they are sticky free as I don’t think they could then be technically classed as a gloss, but certainly it is far more manageable and dare I even say nicer than others I have tried and indeed own.

The colour also is lovely, really really nice in fact and I would describe it as a shade or so warmer than a light pink so perfect for the everyday and even the night. The packaging is really smart and quality in both appearance and feel. What particularly stands out for me is the applicator, rather than a rigid doe foot, the end of the wand flexes as product glides onto the lips allowing for an accurate application.

The nail polish is fantastic and such a workable colour, particularly for this time of year when we’re beginning the transition into autumn. I am a big fan of greys, at the moment they dominate the home, the wardrobe… everything. Penguin Chic is a medium dark grey (*may appear darker/lighter on other nails) with a purple undertone so it’s a very feminine shade for what can be (emphasis on the can be) quite a masculine colour. As for staying power, as I tap out these words I have had the polish on four days and I am chip free so thumbs up for quality. Tanya Burr Penguin Chic I really like the bottle, it’s simple allowing the shade to do the work with little branding and things clogging up the space. The only thing I am not 100% convinced by is the lid/brush handle -it’s quite big, I prefer something slimmer but that opinion really is individual and others will probably love it as they hate slimmer lids.

So all in all, really very impressed with the Tanya Burr product range and I believe that she has just announced eight new shades to the collection so I am sure to be checking these out in the near future. Have any of you guys checked out her ranges? What shades are your favourite?

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