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The Cosmetics Company

Hey Sweeties,

I have been itching to go and visit The Cosmetics Company store in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth for ages but it’s hardly somewhere I can just casually pop to unfortunately, so I have been ever so patient and waited until an opportunity arose to do so. Fortunately, this was last weekend –Ian was attending a football match down there so I decided I would go with him and go shopping instead!

This to date, I think is my most expensive beauty haul which amuses me really as for someone so firm in not spending lots of money on high end products because essentially I don’t feel I need to, as you’ll read in a moment, when you find those dream items price it seems, becomes irrelevant. Maybe this rule just applies differently to outlet shopping? Hmmm…

So, despite a strict budget (which I did sort of keep to) for the day, I did blow 99% of it on beauty but the day wasn’t without sacrifice; I had to abandon hopes of anything from Origins and a Mac blusher got put back, but hey ho. Beauty is pain.

The Cosmetics Company

My Haul! £50.50 RRP £72

 The store isn’t that big but it is packed with different brands. Immediately upon entering Mac is to your left so I darted there first and had a beautiful light peachy pink blusher –Immortal Flower– in my grasp quite quickly. I moved on.

It actually took me a few minutes to realise there was a Smashbox stand at the back however, once this was on my radar there was no stopping me getting to it. For regular readers you’ll remember that I have recently purchased a lipstick from Smashbox and I have said how eager I am to explore the brand more and treat myself to a consultation in the near future, so you can only but imagine what I was like faced with a whole stand of reduced products! I initially grabbed the photo finish primer which has not had a bad word said against it and it is regularly featured up there with the best primers on the market. But next to it was the ‘Try it Kit’ containing a BB cream, Halo powder, a brush and the primer as a bonus addition to the set. This to me seemed the obvious choice to purchase.

Smashbox Try it Kit

Smashbox Try it Kit £18.25 RRP £26.00

To the left of the Smashbox stand was Bobbi Brown and this is another of the brands I am itching to try. I have her make-up manual and there is a store in Windsor where each time I pass the window I hover and gaze in. I have pretty much already decided that Bobbi Brown will be who I select for my wedding make-up (when the time comes) but I can’t wait that long before trying something.

-Now here is my surprise purchase if you remember what I said earlier about spending too much on a single (high end) item-

A few things caught my attention as I was browsing the stand but then I got to this pink blusher –French Pink– with a brush next to it I naturally took a swipe of it across the back of my hand. Oh my God, it was love. It was also, £24.50. Who cared, I needed it (and it did come with a brush…)!

Bobbi Brown French Pink

Bobbi Brown French Pink Kit £24.50 RRP £35

I now had a Mac blusher, Smashbox Try it Kit and Bobbi Brown’s French Pink Set in my hand… something had to give. I tried putting back the Bobbi Brown blusher but I just couldn’t so Mac had to go. Ouch!

In all, I went into and around the store about three times during the three or four hours I spent at Gunwharf Quays –my first initial visit, second to go back and check the Mac blusher as I was convinced I could find the budget from somewhere… but I still walked away (*pats self on back*). I went in for a third time to go and re investigate the Bobbi Brown stand as I had swatched a gorgeous purple eye shadow pencil/stick and it literally didn’t budge from my hand… I was tempted but at £14 it took me over budget. I genuinely didn’t need it (said no woman ever except today). BUT, I did manage a cheeky nail varnish purchase –Bobbi Brown’s Tuxedo Black- which I thought for Christmas with some silver glitter over the top would look fabulous. So I totally justified it.

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish £7.75 RRP £11


I will review and do separate posts on each of the above over the next few weeks so be assured I will confirm if my most expensive beauty haul was money well spent.

Sweetie needs a lie down now!


Until next time x


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