Being Your Own Best Friend & Learning to Value Your Own Company

Hey Sweeties,

One thing I learned I’d say fairly early on in life, was how to enjoy and be in my own company, be my own best friend as it were. That’s not because I was an only child, or had a lack of friends, but I simply learnt that I haven’t always got to be with people to go somewhere, do something etc. Of course there are many times when there’s nothing nicer than having a day out with your best friend or your Mum/partner etc. but in equal measure knowing to be comfortable with yourself is important, particularly when they’re not available or around.

Being your own best friend

Five Schools, Moving Out, and Uni Life

As a child, I went to five different schools owing to my Dad’s career taking us to different areas of the country to live before settling in Devon (where they still are). Then when I was 19, I moved by myself to London to pursue dental nursing for a couple of years, and in 2009 I took myself to University in Bath. While I lived in a shared house for the first year or so, for the latter half of my degree I moved into my own little annex where I lived until moving in with Ian after graduating. It’s fair to say from this, that I had to not only be okay in my own company, but it also took a level of confidence to be able to continually move to new locations, and immerse myself within new groups of people. It has thus since been a shame that in the last few years, social anxiety has taken hold, so I now find new groups of people very intimidating. Just one of those things really that I think comes with being older but I do what I can.

Having Me Time

One of my very favourite things to do is to take myself to a coffee shop, and enjoy a cappuccino and a book; it’s my perfect me time. Every now and again, I also have the excuse to properly take myself out for the day and I don’t just mean out shopping (while that may be an element), I mean like to somewhere that gives me the opportunity and the excuse to do a number of things in my own company. Most recently this was a couple of weekends ago when I took myself into London, met Ella Woodward (of Deliciously Ella) at a book signing, and explored a part of the city I am fairly unfamiliar with; I had a blast!

Learn who You Are

I think being okay just with yourself is important, I think it’s also one of the quickest and most fulfilling ways to really learn about yourself, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to find situations and opportunities to challenge yourself. Some people thrive in groups and others –like me- actually prefer more intimate friendships and relationships with people but it all depends on what you’re used to and like doing. One of my most recent challenges was my holiday with Trek America last October and as a result, it has become one of the best things I have ever done for myself and forced me to tackle my social anxiety head on.

Tell me about you guys, are you people that enjoy your own company or do you prefer hanging out with friends and family? What are some of your favourite things to do?

Until next time x


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